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  1. I still think wind power has a future on narrowboats if a few issues can be overcome lol
  2. More against wind than for it but it's free so will stick to solar to start with and look at wind if I need to. Great replies guys Cheers John
  3. Thanks for that input. Very positive information to think about Still like to hear from anyone who has ever had a decent wind generator on their boat. Vibration is easy to stop with right mountings but need to know if it's worth the money
  4. I've been thinking the same thing. Surely some amps is better than none at all. There are too many doom and gloom merchants on here. If they don't have one themselves they poo poo any ideas lol. I might just fit a Rutland wind turbine as well as solar panels yet. H
  5. Cheers for that. Morso it is then. Another one off the list
  6. Great replies. Thanks for the input. I have been looking at LG panels. 320w. Two of these should do me I think. Is wind power worth considering too.
  7. Thanks for that. I was going to fit 2 x 320w solar panels. So I will need a charge controller for each panel then by the look of it.
  8. Plans coming along now. Still lots more to ask. We will be having 600w of solar panels on our sailaway. What would be the best charge controller for this. Cheers John Cheers John
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