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  1. benhowarth27

    Where to get diesel on GU

    Sorry should have specified the direction, heading towards Birmingham and was looking for a solution which didn't involve turning around. Thank you though.
  2. benhowarth27

    Where to get diesel on GU

    Hello, I have searched for answers but to no avail, if this topic has been previously covered please let me know. After Delta-Marine in Lemington / Warwick (assuming diesel is available here) is there anywhere to get diesel before you get to Copt Heath just inside the M42? Thank you for any suggestions in advance. Ben
  3. benhowarth27

    Pump out removal

    Morning All, I know there is debate over various toilet systems and which is best / awful but after searching I cant seem to find the answer I am looking. Long story short, I am in the process of moving onto a narrowboat, using it as a liveaboard. It currently has a dump through pump out toilet system (system has a few issues, potentially leaking tank ) I want to remove this system and replace with a composting toilet, something like the nature's head most likely. Does anyone here have any experience removing these systems. In my head I think I should be able to get the holding tank clean(ish), seal up the hole from the WC and then leave it vented and in situ. As the composting toilet requires no plumbing it can sit where the pump out toilet used to sit. Tank is steel construction, not sure if it is integrated into the hull or not. It would require a considerable about of deconstruction particularly of the bathroom and floor to remove the tank. Any thoughts? suggestions? or input? Many thanks

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