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  1. thanks for the reply I'm having issues sourcing a new fuel injection pump for this engine and i don't want to buy the wrong one haha. if anybody happens to have any idea what fuel injection pump i could use that would be compatible with my current engine that would be great hi thanks for the reply, the current engine in the boat doesn't say endura but the engine I'm looking at replacing it with does. that would explain why he was saying the fuel pump might not be ideal. thanks for clarifying that. if i can just source a fuel injection pump that would work for this engine that would be ideal. ill try searching fuel injection i haven't tried that cheers thank you ill take a look.
  2. hello i have an old ford 1.8D engine from a MK6 Escort, MK2 Mondeo. the engine won't start as the fuel pump has gone but this dual pump is proving hard to come by. i have sourced the same engine but a little newer and the guy reckons it will fit the same mounts but he isn't sure about his fuel pump he said i might have to do something or buy a different kind. any ideas or will the fuel pump that comes with the engine be fine to use on a boat? I'm more confused because he's saying he's sold a few of these engines for boats and he seems to think the fuel pump on the engine will be no good for a boat but i don't know why this is the engine in the boat this is the fuel pump and this is the engine I've found cheers
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