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  1. There is alot or cable. I can check any bad bends and ensure its free but how would i adjust a tight cable? Is this tight as it tight from the lever to the gearbox?
  2. Morning all. We recently replaced our morse control after being advised the old one was beyond repair. We have since installed a teleflex model which has so far been working well however we have a reoccuring problem which the previous control also experienced. When using the lever with the neutral button pressed the control is smooth. When this is disengaged we find that that it works well until we need to slow down and its then the lever seems to jump slightly as if its catching and then releasing. We do experience this on occasion when engaging forward in that you need to push 3/4 of the way to engage the engine but can slow until of course the inevitable jump occurs. It doesnt seem to happen in reverse. It does seem to be the gear aspect thats the problem. I was wondering if adjusting the throttle brake would make any difference or is there anything else to consider? The gearbox is a LH150 on an SR3 Any ideas would be a great help..... Thanks
  3. Hi all, we have a 50ft Mindon narrowboat and am keen to learn a bit more about the builders. As i understand Mindon started around 1972 and went out of business on the early 90s. Keen to know a little bit more. We have a mindon by tbe name of Ptarmigan. Look forward to any comments. Thanks Martin
  4. Thanks tracy, we did look at the pulley set up and sadly the large pulley would involve alot of work and hull changes due to the position of the engine. Trying to weight up cost and benefit.
  5. Great thanks, did think it seemed odd ti have 1-1 lol
  6. Morning all I was wondering if anyone had fitted a alternator regulator to a lister SR3 and whether this had the desired effect to getting a better charge.
  7. Ok so quick update, we ended up turning the engine via the propellor, marking the propellor shaft and then marking the shaft where the pulley is situated. When turning got a 1-1 does this sound right?
  8. Thanks for all the comments. We r off to the boat next week so will give the guidance a go. We dont have a rev counter, we have a very basic control panel.
  9. If i am honest i am not entirely sure how to turn the engine manualy. We have the levers but how do i then turn the engine?
  10. Evening all. We are in the process of looking at either a repair or new propeller. We need to provide the reduction ratio of our gearbox. We have a lh150 om a lister sr3. How do i find this out as i must confess i am at a loss. Thanks Martin
  11. Hi All We are soon to be owners of our first Narrowboat and need to arrange transport to her new home. The boat is currently moored at Cowroast Marina, Tring and needs to be moved to Pyford Marina. She is a 47ft cruise. We are looking for her to be moved via the canal as we believe this to be the most cost effective way. Sadly due to work commitments we are unable to do it ourselves anytime soon. If anyone can provide any recommendations, costs etc that would be great. We are looking to move her from next Saturday onwards and she will need to leave the marina by the end of April. We are still firming up the fine details with the seller and can confirm this very soon. Just wanted to put this out there with the aim of getting some recommendations soon. Thanks in advance and we are sure we will be a regular user of this site over the coming months. Martin
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