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  1. Thanks for all the comments. We r off to the boat next week so will give the guidance a go. We dont have a rev counter, we have a very basic control panel.
  2. If i am honest i am not entirely sure how to turn the engine manualy. We have the levers but how do i then turn the engine?
  3. Evening all. We are in the process of looking at either a repair or new propeller. We need to provide the reduction ratio of our gearbox. We have a lh150 om a lister sr3. How do i find this out as i must confess i am at a loss. Thanks Martin
  4. Hi All We are soon to be owners of our first Narrowboat and need to arrange transport to her new home. The boat is currently moored at Cowroast Marina, Tring and needs to be moved to Pyford Marina. She is a 47ft cruise. We are looking for her to be moved via the canal as we believe this to be the most cost effective way. Sadly due to work commitments we are unable to do it ourselves anytime soon. If anyone can provide any recommendations, costs etc that would be great. We are looking to move her from next Saturday onwards and she will need to leave the marina by the end of April. We are still firming up the fine details with the seller and can confirm this very soon. Just wanted to put this out there with the aim of getting some recommendations soon. Thanks in advance and we are sure we will be a regular user of this site over the coming months. Martin
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