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  1. Update on the fuel line. It is indeed normal and we have been sent a replacement Lister part which includes this as standard. Our issue is the rubber sleeve is worn and sadly split so probably drawing in air.
  2. Morning all. I am after a lister sr3 replacement fuel pipe as shown in the attached image. Does anyone know where i can find one please. Thanks, Martin
  3. Martinb2347

    Fuel line

    Hi all, We have just changed our fuel filter and noticed by accident what appears to be a break in a pipe underneath the rubber tube thing circled on the attached image. We havent noticed any fuel leaking but wonder if this is normal
  4. Hi All. We have a Lister SR3 air cooled engine and as all Listers seem to do it suffers with overheating on longer journeys in hotter weather. I was wondering if anyone has fitted a solar air fan in the deck boards to help extract the heat and if so has this helped in anyway? Thanks Martin
  5. Is it something that will work its way out?
  6. Morning all. We have a air cooled lister sr3 and have noticed the last few times when the engine has been running a while that in neutral the engine seems to runs faster and slower. Its a slight up and down but is noticeable. Hope that makes sense....any ideas what it may be? Thanks Martin
  7. Good news, j gingerly removed the pilot injector and cleaned that. Seems to have done the job.....we r back up and running. Thanks everyone for your comments ?
  8. Ok, so normally when you press the main control button the gas comes throught the right hand side but the left hand side doesnt light therefore when you remove the main button it goes out. The main burner will light if button pressed and water turned on but will go out if main button released. There doesnt seem to be anything coming through the left hand side.
  9. No its the left hand pilot light, the one they stay alight.....normally
  10. Evening all. We have a paloma PH 5LFE water boiler on our nb....we have notices the pilot light on the left has been weak for a while and went to clean it as it has in the past got fluff in the hole..... sadly since trying to clean it we cant get the left pilot to light at all. Any ideas?
  11. There is alot or cable. I can check any bad bends and ensure its free but how would i adjust a tight cable? Is this tight as it tight from the lever to the gearbox?
  12. Morning all. We recently replaced our morse control after being advised the old one was beyond repair. We have since installed a teleflex model which has so far been working well however we have a reoccuring problem which the previous control also experienced. When using the lever with the neutral button pressed the control is smooth. When this is disengaged we find that that it works well until we need to slow down and its then the lever seems to jump slightly as if its catching and then releasing. We do experience this on occasion when engaging forward in that you need to push 3/4 of the way to engage the engine but can slow until of course the inevitable jump occurs. It doesnt seem to happen in reverse. It does seem to be the gear aspect thats the problem. I was wondering if adjusting the throttle brake would make any difference or is there anything else to consider? The gearbox is a LH150 on an SR3 Any ideas would be a great help..... Thanks
  13. Hi all, we have a 50ft Mindon narrowboat and am keen to learn a bit more about the builders. As i understand Mindon started around 1972 and went out of business on the early 90s. Keen to know a little bit more. We have a mindon by tbe name of Ptarmigan. Look forward to any comments. Thanks Martin
  14. Thanks tracy, we did look at the pulley set up and sadly the large pulley would involve alot of work and hull changes due to the position of the engine. Trying to weight up cost and benefit.
  15. Great thanks, did think it seemed odd ti have 1-1 lol
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