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  1. Hi all. I am having a re-fit of our 57" reverse layout semi-trad narrowboat at the moment. We have had a gas bottle container in the metal box in the corner of the stern deck above the engine bay (it's where your left hand would be if the person at the tiller reached down and forward i.e. forward of where the throttle is) since we moved on. A gas engineer came to check out set up and said that we couldn't have the gas bottle there as gas could sink down from there into the living quarters. For a quick check of the regulations, it seems to say that the positioning is fine, as long as it is in a container that is vapour-proof. Does anyone have any further information on what is and isn't allowed here, as I'd rather not spend the £1000 that gas engineer is quoting to reposition the gas bottle in a bow locker and re-run gas piping through the whole of the boat to get to the gas cooker stern?
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