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  1. Hello Jeannette, We have the marriage certificate, Elizabeth and Daniel Clements were married at All Saints church Northampton in 1867, the fathers were Joseph Clements and Samuel Stevens. So it seems we are related! I will continue the search in the winter months as I need to renew my membership to the Ancestry site. Thank you for your help I'll be in touch when we find out more. Debbie
  2. To Jeannette Smith Harrison, we think she was a Stevens married in Northampton in 1867, my daughter has sent of for the Marriage certificate so when we recieve it hopefully we will know more.
  3. Thank you Ray T to:- Jeannette Smith Harrison, not sure about the Stevens Family I'll have to do some more homework, that's what I like about family history you never know where its going to lead.
  4. Thanks for all the information so far i'll look through it over the week-end, I'm not to sure about Daniel Clements, in the 1881 census David Clements 38 born in Oxford and Elizabeth 36 born in Oldbury Staffs, they had 4 children Samual, Thomas, Sarah and Joseph. Although looking at the entry on the baptism it could say David and not Daniel. Then in 1891 they had 3 more children William, Ada and Herbert (this could be the Herbert he's the right age.) It is Sarah who's my GG Grandmother she married William Goode and Lived in Dodford and had a coal business but it was her that starte
  5. Can anyone point me in the right direction, i've been tracing my family and have found out my Great Great Grandma, lived and worked on the canal, her name was Elizabeth Clements and her husband name was David, in the 1891 census there address was canalside Long Buckby. I think they moved coal. I tried Stoke Bruerne museum with no luck. If anyone could give any information on where to look it would be much appreciated. Debbie
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