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  1. Hi I have no hot water even when the engine is running I recently emptied the collifer to change the leek I had so now filled it no leeks but now no hot water any ideas please. Lez
  2. thanks for the reply when i turn on the tap it gushes then trickles thought if i up the psi it would flow better I am new to this . lez
  3. Hi can anyone help i have a water pump that just keeps running i have to turn it off to get some quite. also the accumulator valve if pressed spits water out I dont know if this is right or if it has something to do with the pump running. and if I need to replace one or both, if thats the case can it be upgraded to a higher psi and volume. thanks lez
  4. LezB


    Hi I know this sounds daft but can i use any car radio in my boat as the one thats in now is on the blink. so I just woundered which is the best radio to get. Many thanks Lez
  5. Hi can someone tell me if I can change the tyler on my narrow boat as it is very low down. or can I rebend the tyler that is allready on and how easy is it to remove. Thanks
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