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  1. Price: £29,000 (Price Reduced!) i did look at this but it over my budget also had as above 29k dropped so was thinking they wouldn't go to 25k
  2. yes odd layout i agree but i would change a bit. feet me seymor feed me thank you
  3. Attached photos, @Alan I keep walking away ? @watever please let me know we're to go to lower price or same with better spec please @nightwatch not viewed as am 3hour drive away but would if I get it's worth the cash go and look. PS looked a hundred and keep going nag needs to much work or missing kit I want that this has. @mine Tom and bed boat link or it way over my25k budget
  4. https://1drv.ms/f/s!AibybhnVgcFahiOXSanrFRIFZPD1
  5. Hi all, looking at boats for a long time so many in my price range but must are rough to say the least, I think I might have found a good one but am never new to this all, looking to live aboard off grid . Honest review would really help me make up my mind on this one and I will be so grateful for your time. So here it is https://m.apolloduck.com/display.phtml?aid=506096
  6. First of all thank you everyone for your post, I will try and reply to you all on your feed ? @ my wrong wording saying I want it be like a house , I meant to put the things you use in a house I.e TV, washing machine, fridge, lights , charging of gadgets etc etc. @system move it up the list for me please please please ? @NickNorman thank you I will make a list as there are no sites I've come to realise reading the posts. But will check outSmartgauge.co.uk and the The pinned post "Power Generation" in the "Equipment" Thanks @Artur for this information and Waterways World website (li
  7. Hi all, I am well confused with the best electric set up need to power what I recon I will need. First question is there a web site were you can list all power required I.e TV 20 watt at 1.2 amp , fridge / freezer / pump / lights / washing machine / = you need 6 X 12 volt or 2v to run the TV for so many hours and so on and so on , this way I can work out what set up I would need then ask about the best battery to buy and the best thing to charge them with. Hope this make sense? I basically want the power I have in a house but on a boat with minimum charging using the engine
  8. On what site did you get this information from?
  9. Cheap well 2000 for a 50-60 foot ? I may be dreaming..... I just can't seem to find any on the CRT site inbetween Northampton and daventry. I guess this will be a another post ? Good web sites for mooring on the SW central canals maybe ?
  10. @ Tim , how long you been looking lol & you cruising also? @ Matty correct ( fat finger small keys ?
  11. I've gone an brought from eBay £2.41 , Item number 381811039288 it's it not the right one I guess it may come in handy ? , good to know I work in daventry and looking to get a boat and travel from Northampton to Coventry and then back as I can't find a good cheap mooring at the minute @ Dave thank you
  12. @ Tim found this one eBay , Item number381811039288 is it the right? @ Matty40s , I guess your a local to this area or are you reading from a map book ? , I got SW from the CRT winter morning guide to locations looking at one for Weldon @ Barry 8.99 brand new , hoping the 2.41 is the same on eBay ?
  13. Tim do you have web link for this please ?
  14. Hello friends, I am planning on travelling between Northampton and coventry and need a detail map of waterways shows all water points and so on. Has anyone got an old copy they are not using or would yo part with or good web link for this information or a good site to buy a map as I've tried the crt web site and can't find a link to buy on there . Regards Ad
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