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  1. Hi Jimmy, Perhaps you could give me a quote? Thanks
  2. colinashby


  3. colinashby


  4. Thanks buccaneer for the reply but it seems Jimmyboy had disappeared. There seems to be quite positive write ups though.
  5. A large portion of our boat is painted maroon and as maroon so often fades badly, so ours has. The green paint surrounding it is fine. We cannot afford to paint the boat but have heard a lot about wraps although we wouldn't be wrapping the whole boat. What are your thoughts and experiences with vinyl wraps/stickers?
  6. Yes, these are what I mean. I have decided to go with the regular rope fenders at the back thanks to all the advice I have had from kind boaters. If it is a part of the boat it could be measured as such by CRT and marinas.
  7. I was meaning rear fenders and it is definitely something to consider if it can be included as part of the boat length, although where we are moored fenders are added to mooring charges.
  8. Sorry, wrong terminology, forget I mentioned it.
  9. We need to renew our fenders and were considering replacing them with a metal fender as you often see on hired boats. Any disadvantages/advantages ?
  10. We are moving onto a marina on the River Nene close to.Northampton. I have heard that there are some.very tight turns and narrow bridges along the river. Does anyone have any experience of this?
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