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  1. http://bwml.co.uk Sawley marina is idealy situated in the centre of the country with great links to the M1, A50 and M42. As part of BWML we donate to the Canal & River Trust for the development of the UK's inland waterways. Sawley marina offers a boat brokerage service for both steel narrowboats and GRP cruisers on a fixed fee basis. We also have leisure and grade one live aboard moorings. Please see our website for further details. Relationship with Canal & River Trust We are a wholly owned subsidiary of the Canal & River Trust, CRT (formally British Waterways), a national charity formed in 2012, whose primary role is the custodian and navigation authority for around 2,000 miles of canals and rivers across England and Wales. BWML, along with all other commercial interests of CRT, has a responsibility to generate commercial income to support the running of the waterways within CRT’s care.
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