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  1. It's fair to say that our boat is not a 'high end' all singing all dancing boat builder, but has still cost us all our savings, inheritance and then some!!! I have spoken with a surveyor who also thinks the problem is to do with scale, he thinks the only remedy will probably be shot blasting. Not sure how this will work considering there is quite bad rusting inside the bilge area also. I am awaiting a paintwork survey now
  2. All of this is interesting, but what is my next move? Does the whole boat need a repaint then?
  3. No sure if the boat was grit blasted or not, is this common practice?
  4. Yep, sorry I didn't say, yes fully painted top coat and all
  5. I have a 1 year old widebeam, every time I scrape rub or touch the paintwork in the wrong way it seems to go back to bare steel, along the handrail of the boat (square) a patch of rust seems to be peeling its way down. I have random spots of rust appearing in many places including in the bilge, under hatches, and in the middle of paintwork areas. Not sure exactly what I'm doing with this at the moment, I'm waiting to hear back from the builder, thought I would see if anyone has heard of this before, or might know what I should be looking out for when dealing with the builder. Thanks
  6. I'm petty sure it's seasoned hardwood .... According to the seller?!! But it is possible it has been getting a little damp, (kept inside pram hood) do you recommend drive img by fire before use then? Is it more likely to be a fuel issue than a chimney/installation issue then? Thanks guys
  7. I have installed a new stove, flue and chimney on my new wide ran and the paint job is getting ruined!!! Please help! If anyone has any ideas what I might be doing wrong I would love to hear from you?! I have a morso squirrel with single skin flue, double skin chimney and it is causing all kinds of damage to the paint?! Is this standard??? I have plenty of tar coming out from under the chimney
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