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  1. 3 minutes ago, frangar said:

    Im afraid just as you found the A holes on the cut there are A holes on here too....probably in a higher concentration for some reason. ( Ive edited the descriptive words lest some have another fit of the vapours....)


    If they are that unaware of whats happening around them then maybe they need to think about their actions...I wonder if they drive a car in their own little world too? Would you show the same attitude if it had been a near miss with say a child or a much loved family pet?


    you are really good at confusing apples with spacecraft.  twit !

  2. 7 hours ago, frangar said:

    If I had witnessed that your body would have joined them. 

    I trust those saying it’s only an animal will apply the same rules to a child that had fallen in a lock….after all it’s only a child why care? Plenty more of them around. I despise some people on here more each day. 


    why don't you read and try to comprehend the post.   where does it say that the boater was aware that he was sharing the lock with wildlife?


    you are demonstrating that in reality you are the nasty one - too quick to judge and to ready to condemn on flimsy evidence.



  3. 19 hours ago, Jen-in-Wellies said:

     Four molecules of water created for every molecule of propane.


    Jen, please consider if counting molecules in the air trapped in your boat really is a worthwhile activity, speshully now the boating season is upon us.


    Is that an approximation or have you made rigorous checks including the air spaces behind the panelling and under the floor?  :wacko:



    .................   coat  :boat:

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  4. doesn't the tap have a screw-on nozzle?


    when I moved into my flat in Abingdon Marina that had been unoccupied for years I found all the taps were gunged up with scale but I managed to remove the bits at the spout end and soak them in vinegar overnight.  Job's a good'un.

  5. 13 hours ago, MartynG said:

    I can't say I have met a leisure boat owner who wears a peaked cap let alone one with gold braid although I can't say I have done any boating on the Thames.

    Even so you seem to have a stereotypical view  which is very probably not applicable in the majority of  cases.


    Wasn't there a video clip posted on here of a narrowboat owner ramming a GRP cruiser on the Thames?. Now if ever 'self arrogant self entitled' adjectives applied that was him (the narrowboat skipper).





    a bit pompous for someone who hasn't even been there.


    try boating between Henley and Maidenhead on a sunny Sunday afternoon.  You will need both hands and feet to count how many peaked caps come out of their marinas at places like Hurley.




  6. 52 minutes ago, Arthur Marshall said:

    I think any government plan for 2050 can fairly safely be treated as irrelevant nonsense. If electric boats are seriously an answer,  which I doubt, then it would mean replacing steel boats with plastic to save weight and power drain. You'd all be on cruisers (not me, though, not in 2050)

    But all that's assuming the waterways are still viable (some hardly are now). Could you run a dredger from a plastic or all electric boat? Could you get a lockgate to a location in one?


    just out of interest what is the carbon footprint of the construction of a GRP hull, compared with a steel hull?


    there was a discussion on Radio 4 the other day and the conclusion seemed to be that an electric car had an overall larger footprint than a petrol car for a driver who keeps a car for say 10 years and has a modest mileage of say 8000 miles a year.  And replacing an old petrol car that had mileage left in it given proper maintenance and repair was hugely less carbon intensive than replacing it with a new electric car.  For anyone who believes in the modern trend that ageing cars should be scrapped, the TV series Wheeler Dealers should put their minds at rest.  The most significant factor is the relatively recent adoption of a throw-away philosophy that is supported by anti-social ideas that growth, fashion and one-upmanship are more important than a conservative (note the small c) approach to living.

  7. 22 hours ago, MartynG said:

    So you wouldn't resent a  narrowboat doing the same thing?


     most certainly I would but in my experience on the Thames narrowboat owners are not arrogant and "self-entitled" like the blokes wot wear peaked caps with gold braid, and love to lounge on their flying bridge looking down on the hoi-polloi.

  8. based on my experience on the Thames - there needs to be a punitive charge for anyone over-staying while moored up at the electric pillar. 


    As an electric powered boater I resent a large gin palace being moored up at the pillar for days on end, especially when the owner is not present so he can't be encouraged to move on.   One particular culprit told me that he and his missus had planned their cruise for the following year and already "booked" electric mooring points along the route journey, expecting to spend a couple of days or more at each.  When I queried why a 50ft well-appointed luxury GRP cruiser needed a mains supply he responded that his missus couldn't be bothered with planning the use of the washing machine and the immersion heater, and she wouldn't accompany him if she didn't have all the conveniences of home.

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  9. 10 hours ago, Peugeot 106 said:



    Good luck. I’m not a fan of wide beams having been stuck with a few. They do seem a bit incongruous on some canals and don’t half take up a lot of canal on the move.........Quite a few seem to zig, zag along so maybe they have steerage problems too




    I believe transatlantic liners in the 19th century also had problems with Steerage - probably as a result of them peering through the bars of the barrier separating them from the First Class passengers .............     Maybe they rattled the gates too.    :rolleyes:

  10. 12 hours ago, The Happy Nomad said:


    Worth checking what a boat's actual length is. You may get a pleasant surprise.




    I ordered a 57ft sailaway from Scouse Boat Company.  When I visited to check on progress the cabin top was fitted to the hull, windows cut out and all.   The window locations seemed to be rather odd - measuring from the front of the cabin they were right but measuring from the back they were 4ft too far forward.  I decided to measure the hull - it was 61ft long!!   The workshop foreman glibly said "oh that's OK, we'll call this boat a stock boat and start afresh".  The speed at which they turned out boats meant that the delay to building my 57ft hull was only 10 days.

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