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  1. Not relevant???? If you agree with the words of it or not is one thing, but I can't see how I you can say that.
  2. Ok wriggle fingers I have removed as to not course offence. Can I request you edit your quote too. I apoligise if it offended you. But I do beg to see how that poem can be considered offensive, But a comment along the lines of I baby had no right till its born is not considered offensive.
  3. It's a poem, "the diary of a unborn child" if I can remember back from school days the writer was unknown. So I i guess like a lot of art forms, you make of it what you so wish...
  4. removed as do not wish to course offensive.
  5. That guy from the Reed adverts loves Monday's too...
  6. Ok I have taking the diverter off and when I blow down the water in inlet with the diverter in postion 1 for main shower head I get the air coming out. When I pull it out a tad to postion 2 I get air out of both. When I pull it right out to the 3rd the hand shower... my cheeks blow up like a hamster. So no air coming out. I've also blown through all the hoses and shower head fitting and do get air coming through. So I'm guessing it is a dodgey diverter. Very annoying as it appears I've had 2 not working. Seems like boating biker's right time to take it back.
  7. It seems to me when this subject comes out people are quick to say they are protecting the site owner from liability. But as far as I'm awear the more mods and moderation you have the more liable you are. Un moderated sites that including a disclaimer on there homepage along the lines of "all views posted are the sole opinion of the poster" can quite often remove the liability of the owner. As long as they don't have mods, and they state that it is un moderated site. Years ago I used to post in a bands forum that had such disclaimer and stated that you might see bad languege used offensive images ect ect and if you don't like this don't enter, and you'd be amazed what was posted even down to having a "non work friendly" thread that consisted of people posting there favourite porn pictures. Now I'm not for one second saying this is route that this forum would benefit from at all as it was one reason I stopped using the forum.
  8. Thanks for all the help guys. I have tried it on all water temretures and no difference. Not sure about the York flange won't be able to get in loft till tomorrow. It defently is working on the main shower head cos yes it very noisey and you can hear it. And yes it also stays on when it's in center so coming out of both. It's only when I pull it right out it stops. There doesn't seem to be a problem with the pump biker, as it works fine for the main unit and was working fine for the old unit that was up there.
  9. Having used loads of brands and models. I would always only recommend iPads for ease of use and all round best. I have even tought My nan who is nearly 90to use hers. She now send emails, saves pictues to show people, Google stuff and buy off of Amazon. And she had never touched a computuer before.
  10. Ok when I take the head off the same happens. It comes out ok when the Diverter is in the middle postion so it's coming out of both heads. But when I pull in right out cuts off again. Yeah the water tank is in the loft and the pump is in the airing Cubard next to the hot water cylinder. And looking at the pump it does have both hot and cold feeds going in to the pump. What sort of fitting to you mean boating biker? You mean I diffrent shower kit?
  11. Zig Zag

    Ched Evans

    I hope that wasn't aimed at me as my intentions was not to start/carry on a argument by any stretch.
  12. Well I did think this. But the guff says it needs a min of 0.5 a bar or pressure to work. So the pump most defently does more then that. Oh obviously this is house shower btw, not a boat.
  13. So thought I'd try this here incase anyone had something similar. I bought one of these showers for my parents shower - http://www.screwfix.com/p/swirl-oval-shower-system-kit-modern-design-chrome/49052 All went up ok. Turn the shower on and water comes out the main fixed head fine, it when you pull the Diverter out to have the water coming out of the hand shower you get nothing the it just seems to pop back in and go back to main fixed head. So I checked for blockages everywhere, all seems ok. Checked that none of the o rings are blocking anything - nope. So I rang screwfix got a new one sent down assuming it was a faulty Diverter. New one comes change it over and exactly the same. So took everything apart and I can't see what I done wrong. So rang screwfix and as this make is made by screwfix they don't really have a tech help number. So the guy I spoke to was very helpful and he had the same shower himself and went through everything I just said. But we both kinda agreed it would be unlikely that I've had to broken diverters so I'm assuming it's somthing I've done. Any ideas? When I take the hose off and look in the Diverter you can see the brass barrel moving so it's not its jammed... It does have a pump on the shower and when it goes to the hand shower the pump goes off. But I'm assuming that's to stop the pump burning out. If I put the Diverter in the middle I can get it coming out the main head and then just trickling out the hand held tho.
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