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  1. Thanks Brian we are in the process of getting the pump back as have had several interesting phone conversations today with various companies regarding the injecter pump, and thanks also PaulJ might give that a go, think that’s why they put a separate external pump on the outside of the newer units
  2. We’ve done all of these things and Rcr have sent an engineer out removed the injector pump and had it looked at they said it’s had it!! Seams a bit odd to us we must say!! Can anyone recommend a Barrus Shanks injection pump service engineer please it’s a 2007 edition very thin on the ground
  3. Hi Phil my mistake it’s a fuel injection pump I misheard hubby many thanks from Karen Hi Phil my mistake it’s a fuel injection pump I misheard hubby many thanks from Karen
  4. Hi I see this old thread on a fuel lift pump problems it’s the same as ours we tried all what has been recommended on the site but to no resolve, we wondered if anyone knows where we can get a replacement pump as our was taken off by a marine engineer and taken for testing they sad it has had it and that it wasn’t a Perkins but a Barrus Shanks lift pump so we are totally at the mercy and f the RCR atm and they haven’t come up trumps as yet! Just wondered if anyone out there has any idea of cost and where we can obtain one from as it’s a 2007 engine only done 4hours from New was running fine then just wouldn’t start thanks in advance
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