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  1. No just you. If he's a skilled electrician then he is entitled to earn suitable income. Regardless of being a boater. It's not a charity you know.
  2. I'm not confirming nor denying anything lol All ilk say is there's a few boats at sawley inc the boat club for my budget.
  3. Really. Didn't see that. Worth a try. Further offers available on berthing contracts for vessels purchased through our on-site brokerage. Would this include boat purchased from sawley brokerage
  4. I prefer a stove with a window lol.
  5. What you mean? If you had a small leisure craft?
  6. That's good then. I may give it some consideration then. I suppose I'd save a bit by only needing a river licence. Not tried the pub there yet. But looking to change that lol.
  7. That's true Paul. But with 60ft boats comes a lot more expense lol. Not to mention hard for a single person to handle
  8. Not particularly hard done by mike. Just done see why they don't do a mooring price by the foot like most marinas I've visited. Also the risk of flooding. Not to mention the cost DOESN'T include council tax as council tax isn't being unforced yet. That info from the mooring manager herself.
  9. I can't go for a leisure mooring mate. As I'm going to be on her 365 days a year. And won't have additional address.
  10. Yeah I thought as much cause its go to go through the same hole in the roof. Definitely going to go for the boatman stove. Makes financial sense. Thanks for the advice. Really appreciate it.
  11. Yeah I seen the difference in price. This may sound stupid but do you measure the flew from one side to the other going over the centre of the hole? Lol.
  12. Lol I know what you mean. I checked when I put my offer in for her. It's £3400 standard mooring price and £3015 pa with 10% discount. Which isn't enough. Since they charge the same for any size boat. I mean why should I pay the same as a 60ft boat lol
  13. Is a single skin flew gd enough? Not sure if its 4" not measure. That's something ill do when I'm off work. As for condition. The flew is flacky. And by that I mean rusty lol.
  14. No Paul you misunderstand. At sawley you pay it 10months and get 2 months free.
  15. Seems pretty gd. So I take it the Boardman stove is steel.
  16. Yeah I was thinking morso squirrel. But not sure if the chimney dimension is the same. Could get expensive if not.
  17. I may try and negotiation the price down a little. I don't mind paying £280 a month. So if they accept that I'll keep it where it is.
  18. Thankfully we are nearing summer so I hopefully won't need the stove. So that'll give me chance to save up to get a proper job done.
  19. Just taken a look at the chimney in a photo and it looks quite big lol. Actually almost as big as the stove lol. Don't ask me to post a pic cause I don't know how to lol. Well in that case its definitely coming out.
  20. I'll get both. Just to be safe lol. I should hope the current installation is safe as I assume its been in there a while. Do any of you know anything about these pot bellied fires. Are they any good?
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