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I Corner

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    Scrapbooking, stamping, Art and Craft. Sewing, Knitting, Woodwork, Horses, Sailing, Photography.

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  1. I Corner

    Home Swop

    It doesn't look like the house swap will work so back to plan A sell up put a few things in storage. Fly to the UK and start looking for the perfect ( for us!) boat. Cruise around the system for a couple of years...sell the boat and fly home. Seems so perfectly simple!!! ha ha ha.
  2. It's that funny...this is just the type of berth set up we have been serching for ...now to find this set up in a reverse layout and we will be in 7th heaven.
  3. I Corner

    Home Swop

    Hi and many thanks for the replies.....my eyes are now WIDE OPEN ... looks like the world and his brother have all gone sailing...just hope we haven't missed the boat!
  4. I Corner

    Home Swop

    A request from a new member on the other side of the World. (New Zealand) Hubby (now retired) and I would love to try living on a narrowboat - but having never had the opportunity to even holiday on one so we don't know what to expect! The plan was to sell up everything this side of the world and fly over to England and buy a boat but lots of research has indicated we should sample before diving in. So here is an idea that may appeal to someone like ourselves who would like to sample another part of the world for a couple of years. A narrowboat owner who may wish to spend sometime on land and would therefore consider a swap. We have a lovely home about an hour’s drive north of Auckland, at present fully decked out with everything one needs in a house, including 2 cars. Would there be anyone interested?
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