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  1. I was understand that it is only a ten minute job but here is the scenario you sweep you're chimney and unexpectedly while using it you haveba chimney fire. you call the insurers and they send out the assessor who look at it and then asks to see the certificate from when bitbwas last swept. if you can't provide ba current one they say they claim is void asbit has not been swept tonan approved standard thats the thing will insurer's they take you're cash but when you want it back if the paper work is not right they say no
  2. Hi all just letting you all know that I am a registered chimney sweep who can clean you wood and coal stoves and sweep you're flue before the colder months set in. After sweeping certificate of sweeping is issued so that you know all is safe and keeps the insurers happy as well. contact me for any advice regarding youre stove and how to get the best from it for years to come. Thanks dave
  3. Hi to you all tbis is just a quick reminder that stoves on boats need to be cleaned nand swept before the colder months set in so if you are birthed in Essex and need it doing then contact me. I am a registered chimney sweep. Thanks dave Edited: Removed personal details
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