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  1. On Monday we collect our boat from P&S Marine at Croxley Green where we have had the hull blasted and epoxied.  I was considering heading north a little and chill axing for a few days before we do an about turn and take a leisurely cruise in the direction of the Thames.  Casiobury Park and The Grove (Grand Union) appear to be green areas which would suit me so I could walk our black lab pup.  Never having been there in my life are they in fact reasonable ares for the above purposes.  Suggestions gratefully received.

  2. Purely for information.  I read recently where bicarbonate of Soda is used as the medium for shot blasting.  Apparently it is a less aggressive product and leaves a better finish on the steel.  Obviously not a DIY job but there are mobile operators.  

  3. I had considered a van conversion for the winter months travelling around southern Spain.  Some motorhomers cross to Morocco for the winter but that sounds like a recipe for disaster.  Gave that idea up as having a NB and a mh was just too expensive  Hope you have a great time with the new adventure and that the road is kind to you.  Best wishes.  ?

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  4. May I just add a comment in mitigation.  I am not stupid but after some medical issues I do now have some cognitive deficiencies and sometimes I do not express myself clearly.  I often think that what I have said or written is clear but obviously that is not the case and I miss material facts out.  This also leads to poor decision making and costly mistakes.  ?

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  5. Oops!  the rust spots are not on the hull but on the bow and stern decks.  As I am having the hull blasted and epoxied upto the gunnels it is only the superstructure that I am concerned with.  I could of course ignore them as I will probably get her repainted in a couple of years but I would like to maintain her the best I can.  ?

  6. Thanks to the feedback on here I have just ordered one.  I have a large hernia as a result of bowel surgery so shouldn’t really be lifting anything heavy and further surgery is probably another 6 months away.  My wife also has a medical issue so it sounds perfect for us

    i must admit some of the mechanisms on the GU locks were pretty stiff though not insurmountable so this should make life easier.

  7. My NB is currently being shot blasted and epoxied.  When I get her back I would like to attend to some small rust spots.  Obviously I have read up on the process but I am now confused as to which product to use.  I had come to the conclusion that I was going to use Vactan in preference to fertan (can’t remem how I came to that conclusion) but there seems so many different products I am now totally confused. 

    The rust spots are very small and are not noticeable unless you look hard but I would like to get them done.  So the question is which do I use?  I would like to use whichever is the easiest/simplest and obviously most effective.

  8. Do they need and did they get planning permission?  I seem to recall planning permission is required in order to erect a permanent sign by the highway for the very purpose of not distracting motorists.  I could be wrong though as I usually am ?

  9. Thank you all, the land definitely looked private  ?

    I must admit I always understood a wharf to mean a place where a boat was loaded and unloaded and generally included ‘sheds’.

  10. 5 minutes ago, Sea Dog said:

    You imagined it, Monsieur Musketeer. Take heart, however, for an active imagination will stand you in good stead for the many trials to come.... :)

    Would one of those trials include a dog that is terrified when I start the Gardener engine or when we are in the locks?  If he doesn’t sort himself out I am going to have to move singlehanded whilst swmbo stays in the cabin trying to mollify him.  I have bought some ‘calming tablets’ from the vet so will have to see how he gets on when the boat is put back in the water.

  11. I recently purchased my first ever CRT licence for our boat.  I then received a booklet and details of how to print the licence for display in the windows (handy as my printer is about 450 miles away!).  I presumed, wrongly, that I would also get a key which would allow me to use the service points and a handcuff key or anti vandal key whatever they are called.  Fortunately these keys are on the bought I bought but am I correc in thinking I should have received them from CRT or did I just imagine it?

  12. We travelled from near Harefield to Croxley Green on The Grand Union on Friday in order to get her lifted out and grit blasted then epoxied..  There were some beautiful moorings along the way but I noticed one in particular at Batchworth and another called Casio Wharf.  These were exceptionally well kept by the residents and being new to the system I wondered if people would have bought the property or if they were CRT residential moorings?

    I presumed that they had been purchased as it looked as if a fair amount of time and effort had gone into making them attractive.  I’m sure there are many such places elsewhere and am curious.

  13. I do not suffer with hay fever but have been told by others that do that one of the best remedies is to take honey which is produced in the area that you frequent in other words honey from local bees.  I was told the theory of it but have since forgotten though I am assured it is very effective.

  14. 2 minutes ago, Dr Bob said:

    Oh no! Back to the voltage vs current argument!

    No I was making a statement that I am interested in solar and that my boat is also 24v.  I made no comment as to the technicalities as I haven’t a clue about that!  

    Sorry to disappoint you. ?

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