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  1. Absolutely brilliant! Thank you so much for posting and explaining it all, I am very grateful indeed! I'll give that a go for sure. Hi - thanks for that! She's a street seller on one of the Canary Islands that my husband photographed with the idea of me making a painting. This was a bit of a breakthrough painting for me, trying out new ways of laying watercolour paint, using oil pastels too and adding gold leaf. I very nearly threw it away half way through, but hubby convinced me to keep going because the face was exactly right. I tend to fiddle paintings to death you see, and end up spoiling them. Am going to start one today, of a narrowboat in Winter at Ellesmere... wish me luck!
  2. Why thank you! I like them. Finding room for my paintings is going to be quite another matter though - this one is rather large but I can't bear to part with it...
  3. This is where I am happy... sorry photo is a bit big - not sure how to make smaller.
  4. Sound mighty clever and requiring double-jointedness! I'll give it a go - after all, what's the worst that could happen..?! Women! Huh! Don't you just love 'em...
  5. Sorry, durr to me!!! See, told you I was a novice.... Can you believe I've still not walked them?! Please be patient with the blonde!
  6. Thanks so much. I'm a learner, as you know, but currently the hatch is on opposite site to towpath (port?), so can't access from outside as it's situated currently. Still, may be able to cobble something together that can go in place from within...?! Not sure! Thanks again though. "All things are possible..."
  7. Would be most grateful to learn how you went about making these, please. Could you post a picture too? Hope you don't mind, but I'd love to keep the hatch open all year round and don't have any kind of screen for it currently. I wouldn't know where to start! Thanks!
  8. Ah, now that is interesting, and might explain why I feel 'safe' on this boat of ours. I have the very rare hearing disability "Catastrophic Hyperacusis" - which basically means I have permanent extreme sensitivity to all sound, with ear and facial pain. Service men and women are coming back from Iraq and Afghanistan with this debilitating and life-limiting condition. I am guessing that the fully wood lined nature of our new narrowboat, and the portholes throughout, is why I feel very secure from sounds and content whenever I am aboard. The engine noise is fine for me when driving the boat, which is a miracle in itself and another indicator that we chose well... I am very happy indeed!!
  9. I'm going to find it a massive problem too, as I'm a watercolour artist by trade and have an art studio/library full of art books collected over the years. I do use most of them for my own work or teaching. I'm hoping against hope that helpful neighbours will lend me a mite of loft space to store the bulk of them, and a chosen few will come aboard. It's a whole new rethink and keeps me awake at night, but I'm still relishing the challenge!
  10. Not sure of the merits of acrylic mirrors versus glass ones. Acrylic are lighter, so presumably easier to hang, and possibly cheaper - am getting a quote from a manufacturer. Choices, choices....
  11. Got any postable pictures - I'd love to see what it looks like!
  12. [quote name=KevMc' tim estamp='1358366328' post='1008436] Just be careful the mirror doesn't concentrate the light causing a fire hazard A very good point. Several of them would be in pretty dark corners and not directly 'in the light' so to speak, but nevertheless a good idea to consider when getting a professional to measure up... Thanks!
  13. Right, I've got an idea. Mum's boat (hopefully my future home) is lovely, all wood lined and fully portholed; the previous owners have done something which has given me an idea. They've cleverly put a mirror at the back of the central smallest shelf in the saloon, which bounces light back into the boat and through their crystal glassware, (which they kindly left with the boat) and it's amazing how much of an effect of illumination such a tiny mirror has! My idea is to do something similar, not just on the other shelves, but on two interior doors too, to add interest, but mainly to bounce light round the interior. I know that in USA they sell glassless mirrors, really lightweight, but can't find the same in the UK. So my thought is to get a local company to measure up and get mirrors made to order. Just wondering whether anyone has ever done this themselves, know someone who had, feels I should/shouldn't and why, etc.? Many thanks, yet again!!
  14. OK, it did work but I want to change my username on photobucket and they won't let me so I've cancelled the account and have to open one up in 2 days time. Really annoying but they won't let you have 2 accounts on the same email. Thanks for the help though - it did work!!
  15. How? What I did was copy and paste the http etc link in the address bar - what else should/could I have done, please? Thanks! Sorry if I'm being thick...
  16. Spent a lovely afternoon aboard today - butties, flask of coffee and a jolly good snooze along with latest Jack Reacher novel. Am fine with portholes and think that this place just feels more and more like home. Just wish I could work out how to get the flipping stove door to open!! Tried to post an image in here from photobucket but got a "You are not allowed to use that image extension on this board". Need to find another method of posting images... not sure what I'm doing wrong.
  17. I've got both - weird eh? Still, nice to have choices I guess...
  18. Bit of a quickie reply - housework beckons (yuk, yuk), but just to say thanks one and all. I'll put a photo link on soon, but I do have a lovely hatch opposite the galley and one Houdini hatch as well. To me the boat seems light enough inside, and I agree with whoever said live with them for a while first. I think I'd regret putting bigger windows in a boat that hasn't been mucked about with in the 20 years of its life. Anyway, must go. The ironing doesn't do itself ..... if only.....
  19. Thanks Tuscan! I forgot to mention that when I went over to the marina last weekend, I met a lovely couple who let me onboard their weekender/holiday boat and told me that the previous owners had indeed put in the 'bus windows' in the galley and saloon, because they wanted a bigger view. So at least I know it's doable, I just don't fancy carving up a traditional boat, when she's so lovely looking. It's a dilemma, but there are far worse dilemmas in life... If it comes to it, and I can afford to do it, I could get a wee butty, or somesuch, on the back to turn into an art studio. Apparently two artists who moored near where I live, did just that. They are no longer there but the marina manager told me that's what they did. There are always options in life, said the 'glass is half full' lady...!!
  20. Well, I guess I'll have to see how I get on. We bought the boat because it was in such excellent condition and it's only these sort of things that slowly dawn on you after the fact! I suppose if it proves to be a problem, I could have bigger windows put in... not sure how easy that would be. Shame I didn't think about this before really; as an artist, you'd think I'd have thought of it first off! Durrr.... Head's in the shed these days! Just looking for a quiet life, in peace...
  21. OK, so I haven't moved aboard yet, and that day is many months away I am guessing but... I spent half a day onboard the winterised boat that belongs to my Mum now and read a book, poked around dreaming up storage ideas etc. I had a lovely time! I admit that I found it a bit weird not being able to see anything but sky out of the portholes (she is fully portholed) and got into a discussion with an elderly boater the same day who said that was the reason he went back on land. He just hated not having a view of trees etc when seated. I don't feel claustrophobic on the boat and actually feel safe and happy there, but wonder to myself whether this window thing would ever become an issue in the future. I hope my asking about this doesn't inflame anyone, as it seems like a classic rookie comment on reflection, but I'm just wondering what other folks' experiences are of this are? I could bounce views around with mirrors I guess... Thanks folks!
  22. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  23. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  24. Yes, he is the gentleman who did my recent survey on Delilah. I found him to be very thorough, prompt and extremely amiable on the telephone! I do recommend him, for what it's worth, but I am not knowledgeable about boats. He came recommended to me however, so that's a good thing...
  25. Can't wait to see the photos James - many congratulations to you. K
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