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  1. well if i could get unlimited broadband i could get netflix even some thing called a dodgy box, then i could watch all the new films all sports .but i think thats breaking the law ,,and we dont want to be doing that now do we ..what with all the other things going on in the world ,,electronic communications really worth it ...
  2. thanks every one ..i am not wanting a landline .at the moment i have 50 gig of EE dongle for ..for my laptop .then i went and got a smart tv. with netfix and all the other things that come with such tvs , ,so for me to use the tv and all it offers it would tak all my monthly data in a couple of days .so unlimited data is what i would need .the reason i mentioned the bt connection box in the shed was becuse maybe that could be a way of getting unlimited broad band ..it was just some thing i was thinking abt really regards
  3. hi every one could any one help me with this one please ,i am looking into unlimited broadband . is this doable and if so ..any of you guys have it ,when i took over my reso 5 years ago ..the former resident ,told me he had is landline phone in is boat ,at the time i thought ok i will go along with this ,but having cleared some rubbish out of a shed on the moorings .low and behold there was a bt connection mounted in the corner of the shed ..so maybe after all he did have a land line phone on is narrowboat ...i am prepared and waiting for all the jokes on this one ...lol but from it i may glean some info on this , kind regards
  4. haza

    reflek fire advice

    thanks guys all up and running ,,and thank to you cuthound ,i was not holding .the themo thingly in long enough .nor was i lifting the float lever .and you know what they also say ...every day is a school day ,and thanks again
  5. haza

    reflek fire advice

    hi cuthound thanks for getting back to me .if i could explain ..i put the meths in light fire then after a couple of mins it kicks in and runs great for abt 10 mins .then goes out ..it was running fine before i decided to give a good clean , i have not messed with the two little brass screws as i was told never to mess with those by the guy i got out to set the fire up and too which he had set them .when i cleaned the fire i took the float out and the other bits to give them a good glean maybe i have not put them back right ,but to be honest i dont see how i could have got that wrong as it went back the same way it came out .any ideas thanks again
  6. haza

    reflek fire advice

    its the thingy that controls the imput of the oil that feeds the fire .no need to pray tho lol theres more worthwhile thinks to pray for ,,,,i,e the bush fires in oz ,world wars .the use of plastic too name just a few ,thanks tho for your thought s
  7. hi all .i took my relfek fire apart today and gave it a good cleaning and overhall..put it back together and there seemed to be now problem i thought , but when i light it, it goes well for 5/10 mins then goes out .it seems not enough oil is getting into the toby dvr any advice with this please thanks in advance
  8. nothing wrong in that at all ,they have a lot more then 50 mill ..thats just what was taken ...so they said
  9. haza

    reflek fire

    i will put photo up when i can ...one thing those who have refleks fires how many times as yours blown out ...up to date mine as never ,but having said that i have only been running mine for a couple of months
  10. haza

    reflek fire

    if im not mistaken the thermo is in side the fire just above the round thingy if im not mistaken the thermo is in side the fire just above the round thingy
  11. haza

    reflek fire

    and i have just been informed ,,abt the blowing out of this make of fire ..there is some kind of nipple or could that be a thermo thing ,,any way i was told if that is not hot and goes cold it cuts of the diesel supply ...? or maybe i got that one wrong
  12. haza

    reflek fire

    i do use red diesel ,,and like i said this post was not abt how much it costs too run .it was more abt how much derv .sorry red diesel i use ..and as for blowing out this as never happened yet .maybe just been lucky that its not ..or maybe you lot have some other reason why it as not ...
  13. haza

    reflek fire

    my enthusiasm dont need tempering ex.and i dont care in any way what the rest think ..i dont want that to sound nasty in any way ..its not ment too.but i can only say it how it is really .i just thought id put it out there .it as nothing to do with cost at all. was just amazed how much derv i am using .as for years i was told by boaters ..boaters who have been doing boating far longer then myself ,telling me you dont want a derv fire ..if i knew what i know now i would have done this from day one ..each to there own ..so i will leave this now ..and wish you all merry xmas.just to say if any one is coming up the wyley and essinton in the next few weeks theres afair amount of logs here pm if interested regards
  14. haza

    reflek fire

    hi luggsy your fire looks loverly a lot like mine but with out the rads ..and like you i love mine too ..but i am at odds with this tho there is now way i am using 10 gallons a week ,,i will gauge again over the next couple of weeks ...certainly a jerry can hold nearly 5 gallon ,,and when i need to fill them i never fill them up maybe just put in just over 4 gallon .and that last s a week ..or it could be i got my maths wrong ,,not one of my strong subjects ,,nor is spelling. or english but hey im warm lol
  15. haza

    reflek fire

    so thats abt two gerry cans ,my fire is mostly on the lower setting ..i may turn it up high 1st thing ..or when colder ..but if some one is suggesting i me i am using 10 gallon a week then im afraid thats a no no ..
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