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    becoming a millionaire but with my boat it will never happen
    owning a narrowboat one day.
    enjoying life and friends

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  1. there both being changed so hopefully ive sorted it but watch this space thanks for advice
  2. hi ive had this ongoing problem since engine rebuild diesel in oil! were now fitting a new lift pump new injector pump 4 new injectors the pressure test prooved ok on the engine so no cracked rings our first thought has any one got any ideas were this diesel is coming from? im at a loss ive yet to fit the above but am i overlooking something.?
  3. i got caught by this snake, complained to ebay and asked them to remove this person from trading i will add i didnt have to pay 2,500 for a washer that you had to pick up! not even pand p included i do hope elderly memebers havent paid for there mistakes to this thief!! he should be made to pay back all his imoral gains.
  4. thanks for replying all ideas worth investigating i feel like sherlock homes thanks ill check that one out ive lost more diesel in sump and over £60.00 oil changes fresh oil etc id rather be cruising thanks ive informed the mechanic of this and he was going to check this out im desperatly looking on internet ive got a parts book and workshop manual on board but cant get there till next week but this seems a most plausible idea weve had as ive bought a new lift pump and still no change im excited about this and thanks for repling will let you no if indeed it has been the problem all this time. i think you may have found my problem cant wait to get the boat back to the mechanic thanks i owe you one
  5. hi yes its a 4108 and yes again we disconnected the flame plug feed so its not coming in there were stumped pre engine rebuild it never happened.post rebuild it pours in.
  6. ive had my engine totally rebuilt but still get diesel in oil any ideas this problem has taken a year of my time and constantly return trips breakdown back to the marina /mechanick ive had lift pumps injector pumps renewed injector would any body care to swap this seamaster 25 for a narrowboat our dream im at a loss with her but will get her running befor i sell or swap im serious my wife doesnt trust her and a women scorned etc so if theres any one out there with a heart and they want a virtually brand new boat some cosmetic work needed shes up for grabs or ideally swap so we can enjoy the canals of briton also brand new is the steering and waterpump so as you can see apart from hull shes in need of tarting up but a finer craft for some one who doesnt want to leave boating but enjoy the comfort of dry boating instead of cold wet boating and with room to enjoy comfort contact me and we can chat but getting back to my other problem please help!!! were at our wits end and want to enjoy a pleasurable cruise with our friends colin and jill not being towed back to the marina yet again
  7. hi i have a seamaster25 with hotwater drawn through a cholorifier when we turn on tap water comes through at a nice rate but slows dramatically to a dribble we think this could be the pump but unsure has any one suffered these problems i know the pipes arnt leaking as we have checked these for water loss hence no pressure so pressure drop also the pump doesnt seem to be starting its self up showing leaks in system.im at a loss this has been a gradule problem but being scared to look ive left it alone
  8. firstly thanks for advice secondly how do we vote for you.
  9. thanks for the advice i will give her a long run at the weekend weather permitting and wife permitting (well someone has to do the locks!!) ha ha and see how she is then thanks for repliying and great advice. nick.
  10. i have a perkins4107 that has given me no end of problems ive just had her rebuilt and new injector pump and lift pump fitted because i was getting diesel in the sump as a result of these being fitted im pleased to say no more diesel in sump but the engine although being run in smokes slighty blue in colur and were leaving a trail of diesel on water does any one no the cost and procedure of cleaning/calibrating injectors as these havent been done and im sure this is were the diesel is coming from but im open to suggestions please.
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