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  1. Oh yes would never do that in a week, that would be slog too far, we will have 10 days for this. Even so we would put in some long days to ensure we get some more relaxing days & take in some sights along the way.
  2. Hi all, thanks for all of your contributions. I like the sound of Oxford but now I'm also thinking of maybe doing the Avon ring. I attempted this with my parents (Chedworth, Jolly Thresher) as a 2 boat convoy but it was 2007 and the river was flooded so we ended up turning back at Stratford. Might be worth having another go at it. We don't have much luck with rings - we planned on doing the Cheshire Ring in 2016 but were thwarted by a breach!
  3. Hi all, I'm a long term boater - well born into it as my parents had a boat all their married lives, well into retirement. The husband isn't keen on the expense of us owning our own but humours me with hire boating. I'm pretty familiar with the canal network, particularly T&M, Shroppie & Llangollen as this is where we were based & have hired before. I've also done the Stourport ring. I'm now thinking let's go further afield, so I'm looking at hiring from a more southerly base. I've cruised the southern network but many many moons ago so I would love some advice on some nice routes and hire bases we could look into. I'm thinking 7 or 10 days and will be end of July, don't mind locks or tunnels - in fact we enjoy them. Therefore, I think i'd prefer to stick to canals rather than Thames so there's plenty for us to see and do as we are quite an active family but we will consider any advice on this. A few canalside pubs along the way would add to our holiday too! Thank you!
  4. Hi there, we were all planned to do the Cheshire Ring last year, heavily researched and then we were notified of a slippage at Bollington literally 2 days before we set off so we couldn't get round. We do the 4 counties in May so I'm hoping last year's bad luck won't follow us!!! I'd recommend Pearson & Son Canal Companion Cheshire Ring book for great up to date info. We were advised to get through the Ashton before 2pm partly because of nuisances (school holidays) but mainly because of lack of water, apparently this gets worse as the day goes on. We were going to go clockwise from Acton Bridge and our planned stops (often due to a decent pub in the vicinity) were: Grappenhall (Rams Head) Castlefields to get a good start at the Ashton flight Romiley (a big day but warned not to moor up before Dukinfield) Adlington Basin Congleton Wheelock (Barchetta Italian Canalside) Acton Bridge Some big days in there but we only had a week but it might give you some ideas.
  5. Thanks Halsall we saw your very interesting boat on the Caldon a few times - we were two Black Prince Boats. As a kid I was always pestering my dad to stop at Marbury (he wasn't ever really keen setting off from only Anderton!) but haven't stopped there since 2008 and things have changed. I think I agree about lift, as I've been up and down it a few times before and since restoration, my dad was beside himself but to us it was just a bath of water much like a lock as kids. We are currently at flash 2 from middlewich kayaking so may just have a late late start instead.
  6. Hi quick question. Are there still decent moorings park side, day time for Marbury Country Park and also how interesting for kids is the Anderton lift bridge visitor centre for kids. We are 3hrs away from returning our boat and I thought we could do something interesting with our last day.
  7. Hi Halsall you passed us today just after engine lock before you went under lift bridge! Looks like you sell some great boat essentials, what is your supply area?
  8. Ok great thanks! ?? we shall see how we feel after the 12, and Harecastle, I wondered if Westport was a nice area. Long may this fine weather continue ☀️
  9. Hi all, currently en route to Caldon. We've had a long day today Broken Cross to Rode Heath, so tomorrow 12 locks and the harecastle should be an erm walk in the park! We plan a bbq, can anyone recommend a decent safe stopover, I'm thinking maybe Festival Park but if we push on where after then on to Caldon? Thank you.
  10. Yeah we looked at that but I think I prefer the Caldon route. If we push on to Middlewich on the Saturday, does anyone know how likely it will be for us to get a mooring at 6.30pm+?
  11. Well we thought about doing the ring up to the breach and then heading back as its pretty much a half way point. However, the guy at the base doing the Ashton twice would be a nightmare and also recommends the Caldon so I think this is probably what we will end up doing!
  12. Hi Ray, yes well that closure almost thwarted our plans to head that way at all but its reopened its this one (below) which is still until further notice and canal has been drained. Our friends think that if we head that way it could be reopened by the time we get there, experience makes me think otherwise! Macclesfield Canal: Bridge 27, Kerridge Road Bridge Ends At: Bridge 26, Sugar Lane Bridge Up Stream Winding Hole: Between bridges 25 and 26. Down Stream Winding Hole: Bollington Wharf
  13. Thank you, 4 counties seems a real slog from Acton - wish we had longer than a week now! Caldon looks interesting & I'm not sure if I've ever done this canal so will look into this! Our other idea, is just going around the Cheshire Ring as far as we can and coming back seeing as though I have us arriving at that point around Day 4 its more or less half way around.
  14. Hi we have been booked in at Acton Bridge for a year to do the Cheshire Ring, the route, stops all planned - even a couple of pubs booked. Then disaster, I get a call a couple of hours ago to say that we cannot do the ring as there is a stoppage at Bollington! Suggested route is to Chester and back, but I'm from Chester so no thanks (I've also done this route a lot)! I've done the Llangollen so many times. That leaves me with a to and fro route as far as I can see up the Shroppie? We are a two boat convoy, its Whit week so no chance of getting two boats from one base now. We only have a week, where could we get to and back from this base reasonably - we don't mind putting the hours in. Thanks, we are so disappointed!
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