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  1. Thanks to everyone for your help. I'm glad I checked because someone told me I could get away with 2.5mm.
  2. Hi. Could someone please tell me what size cable I should be using from my MPPT controller to my 12v battery bank with 3x100W solar panels connected in series? Distance from MPPT to batteries is 1.50mts. Thanks for your attention. DCH
  3. Hi all. I am looking to switch my Eberspacher heater on while I'm travelling to my boat to ensure that it's warm and cosy when we get on board. I understand that I should be able to do this with a GSM timer switch, but I'm not sure how to connect it to my Eberspacher controller. Any advice and/or wiring diagrams as to how I could achieve this would be appreciated. I was hoping that this piece of kit in the 12 volt version would suit my needs http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/321071106982?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1438.l2649 ( item no: 321071106982 ) but would like to hear your comments and suggestions of any others that you would recommend. Thanks in advance. Dave.
  4. Jessica Ennis looks nice but I think Wiggo's achievement was the hardest to do, so he gets my vote.
  5. Hi. Have emailed Sterling electronics with this query but not received an answer after 1 week. My problem(s) is how to safely connect my Sterling Pro-amp charger to my batteries. Sterling manual recommends 6mm sq cable if the run from charger to batteries is under 1.5M and with a 50 amp fuse in the cable. But my understanding is that 6mm sq cable is only suitable up to a 42 amp loading - so the 50 amp fuse would not protect the cable. Am I right? Anyway, my cable runs are just over 1.5M so Sterling recommend 10mm sq cable for this length. Now my problem is what size terminals do I use to fit the cable to the charger's terminal blocks. The terminal blocks are only 9mm wide between the plastic isolators! I cannot find any terminal connectors that will take 10mm sq cable and have rings as small as 9mm to fit the charger's terminal blocks. So, how to I safely connect 10mm sq cable to terminal blocks that only have a width of 9mm? Or is there another solution? Any help appreciated. Link to charger manual: http://www.sterling-power.com/images/downloads/Pro%20charge%20C%20instructions.pdf Cheers. DCH
  6. Wow am I glad I found this thread. I spotted the Barby Marina site a few days ago and it looked ideal for my needs. I will be a lot more thorough in my investigations when looking for a marina in future. I didn't realise that this sort of thing went on in the canal world.
  7. Yes that's the thread I was reading, and that's why I was confused. The BW application form contradicts what everyone else was saying. So when I need a license I'll just pay the prompt payment fee then. Thanks.
  8. Hi. I have seen in the forum that some people say that you get a discount for paying your license fee on time. But on the application form it says this, and I quote... The prompt payment price applies to boats being introduced to our waterways for the first time, providing that the licence is purchased before the boat enters the waterways. We will also allow the prompt rate for the brand new boats providing the application is received no later then two weeks after the issue date of the safety certification. So, when I purchase my second hand boat, and I need to re-new the license for it, do I get the 'prompt payment' discount If I'm reading the BW application form correctly, it seems to say that the discount only applies to new boats introduced to the BW waterways or a brand new boat. Can someone please clarify whether I should submit the lower prompt payment fee when I buy my second hand boat that is already licensed on a BW waterway? Thanks.
  9. ......and can you tell me why you decided not to put an offer on it?
  10. Thanks to everyone who offered advice. Some very interesting points made and I'm now confident of offering a lot less than I intended, of course only if I still like the boat when I see it for real. Will make a thorough check on the engine performance and check for proof of servicing - maybe make them higher than average hours a bargaining tool. Or maybe just walk away if it sounds like a bag of nails. # Oh and yes it has been on sale since July as our friends saw it there when they bought their boat. So even more bargaining power, I think. Thanks again everyone.
  11. Hi all. I really like this boat http://www.abcboatsales.com/uploads/201046.pdf (even though it's Liverpool boat) but I didn't want to pay £44,950 for it. Would an offer of £39,000 for this boat be a bit cheeky or downright insulting? I mean, would the vendor want to throw me in the canal, or do you think it's a reasonable offer? your thoughts and advice would be appreciated, Cheers.
  12. Many thanks to everyone who has responded to my request. I didn't expect such a massive discussion. So I think I can conclude that providing the engine sounds ok and is not dripping oil and billowing smoke, then it should be good for many more thousands of hours with regular servicing. Cheers everyone!!
  13. Hi all. I am looking at purchasing a narrowboat and would like some advice on engine hours. Basically, how many hours would a well maintained engine need to do before it would require major work on it? Is 6000 hours on a well maintained engine a lot? I expect this is too much of a generalisation, and each engine maker has it differences, but in general, on a 6 year old boat is 6000 hours anywhere near the time to expect problems? (The engine is a Beta Marine 43bhp) Any help appreciated. Thanks.
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