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  1. Another positive is that Google voice searches work a lot better
  2. and of course the poor getting poorer and the arms dealers getting rich.
  3. Updated my notebook as soon as 10 came out No real problems I think its the best to date but watch what is booted at startup because unless you got lots of memory it will slow PC down I use Norton utilities to check this . Iplayes run better under 10
  4. and the scars and guilt and friends lost but we still did the impossible
  5. yes to fine and sunny couple of islands on a big white whale
  6. Probably what is making matters worse is can't do any work on the boat even small ones jobs because of why I am off (trap nerve in neck ), do not have a wife/partner now and the weather is bad so no sitting outside, again probably have cabin fever. but I do have CWF Another thing I miss is the canteen chick curry .
  7. At the moment i'm off work sick in fact I'v been off 5 weeks. It has got me thinking though we always say that we can't wait to retire I I'm having second thoughts due to the fact I'm missing several thing about my work. I'm missing the chats with work colleagues during breaks and the laughs also my job means a lot of talking with the public and though at times there can be difficult I'm missing the challenge there normal present. And of course the money So was wondering what other forum members would miss if there where off sick a while or having retired what are there missing about not working
  8. that's my whole point if it is not clear the mod locking it should say why
  9. there should be, how else are we know if we have crossed the line especially as nothing in that thread seemed to justify locking it. else we leave the forum open to propaganda from our detractors that we do not allow freedom of speech
  10. surely if a mod feels justified to lock a thread there sould say why and place their name at the end of the locked thread,
  11. there must of been liability on be halve of the dog walker or else the insurance company would not have payed out such a large amount of money.
  12. who keep closing thread on the above content and why
  13. Here is the full version slightly different no surprise. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/law-and-order/12020411/Cyclist-wins-65k-compensation-after-becoming-entangled-in-dog-lead.html
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