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  1. hi joe this entry was not as clear as i would have liked partly due to sticky keys on the key board . the boat fitter bailed on me due to the shell builder . the boat builder/shell is john white boats a bit of a head arch at the moment but i am hopping he will come good. i will try to post some pictures does any one have a good fitter with preferred own land and polly tunnel or shed. the boat is in liverpool and i am north east london based so some were in-between would be good .
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  2. Hi All, I am looking to get a new wide beam built for live aboard purposes. I have had a hull built for me before, and I did my own fit out, this time I am looking to get the hull and fit out done. It has been a while since I was on the boating circuit and was looking to see if anyone could recommend good boat builders, and those that should be avoided. Many thanks.
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  3. We recently had some electrical work completed on our boat at a boat builder in Nantwich, only to find that it had been copied. The people who were having a boat built at this boat yard, gleefully told us that the boat builders fitters were on our boat for over 2 hours-not the reason she was in for repair. So how do you protect your 'intellectual property', by builders who have only ever built standard fit-outs?
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