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Virtual Tour of the canals in central Birmingham


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Some may have seen the virtual tour of historic narrow boat Swallow at the Black Country Living Museum.


Back in Birmingham for the 2015 BCN 24 Hours Marathon Challenge I did the photography for another virtual tour. The idea was to cover all 13 Farmers Bridge locks, but, with panoramas of Gas Street Basin and Old Turn Junction added, and panoramas shot last year, of Sherborne Wharf and Ladywood Junction, the virtual tour now covers a wider area of the canals in Central Birmingham:




There are short links to the main areas:


Farmers Bridge locks from the top downwards: j.mp/farmers-bridge-locks

Farmers Bridge locks from the bottom lock upwards: j.mp/farmers-bridge-locks-up

Gas Street Basin: j.mp/gas-street-basin

Old Turn Junction: j.mp/old-turn-junction

Ladywood Junction: j.mp/ladywood-junction

Sherborne Wharf: j.mp/sherborne-wharf


Of course all the panoramas are visually linked to each other.


The idea for creating this virtual tour was to create a very detailed source of information. I'm adding my own photos from the 1980s and the historic information I can find, it would be wonderful if you could contribute with old personal photos and historic information!

The difference between the 1889 view and today can be significant - see lock 7.


At the moment, the name is still "Farmers Bridge Locks Virtual Tour", any idea for a better name would be most welcome!

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