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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 10 posts to view.
  3. I will ask him on Monday Dave.
  4. Great news, thank you.
  5. Hi All, Back up to Cannock on Monday to try to get to the bottom of a few niggles i have, one being the Water cooling. Looking at another gents video on here, it would appear that he has water coming in from the outside and pumped around the engine before going back out. The one we looked at, only appeared to have a small header tank. Am i missing something or is that the norm for the earlier engines? The engine number given suggests the build was around 1923. I did spy the big offset spanner in the cabin, which was similar to one used to open the Water Cock, on another boat.
  6. Hi BEngo, If it was just a clean up i would be in there tomorrow. The engine was a thing of Beauty and the paintjob, by CTS, is fantastic and taken her looks back to look like a traditional Boat. Unfortunately, there were some issues we couldn't get to the bottom of as the man that fitted her out is no longer with us, so challenges are there. That being said, the Engine and Body is sound so just need to work out what i want to do with her inside and of course the costs involved. An example of that would be the solar i want to install. That must be the lowest profile panels i can obtain, as it is important to show of all her lines in their current form without ruining them by panels sitting proud. Sound Anal, but want to do Alan and Barbara proud and make her look the best i can. Unfortunately i cannot post the video of the engine running on here but if anyone wants to get excited, as i did, PM me and ill try to send it by email.
  7. Evening Dave, Just got home, 20:15, and thanks very much for all your help today, very much appreciated. All the guys there were very helpful and informative. Just need to sit down tomorrow and go through all the bits and bobs that need doing and see if the owner and I can reach a deal. Engine and Shell was superb but she is just suffering inside.
  8. Thanks John. Downloaded the other day but appreciate your input. One of our members, on here, has kindly arranged to meet me so fingers crossed.
  9. H R Ricardo. His factory is still going strong and only down the road from where i live in Shoreham By Sea. I knew he invented the Injector with a swirl chamber, but didnt realise he was such a prolific engine designer. My life is being taken over.
  10. Appreciate you trying. Thank You As easy as that then. 🙂 Thanks for the info.
  11. NobbyHall


  12. NobbyHall


  13. PM You Dave. As easy as that then. 🙂 Thanks for the info.
  14. I have looked at a few of the manuals given, and they don't really tell me a lot. I do have the oiling points etc but I should imagine there is a lot more to know then that. A full copy would be great. Have you a pdf and i will of course pay for it. Regarding the Lockies, I could listen to the sound all day so perhaps they feel the same when a boat comes through that appears to be alive.
  15. Hi N, Thank for getting back to me. I can confirm she is a petrol start up but also can be started from cold on the button. Sad i know, but looking forward to spinning her on the handle, but no doubt will go back to the button poste haste. I will look at the link you have sent and register and download. I have also been watching loads of videos on the start up procedure, so feel confident, but always good to have that moral support for the first time. Speaking to the gent last night, he informed me that they had to have a Stop /Start panel installed on the stern, as when they were on the Thames, the engine had to be turned off whilst in the locks.
  16. Hi All, As a lover of Vintage Engines i have been looking for around eight months for a boat with a Kelvin in situ. I may have found one, so I am up to Cannock next week, from the South coast, to look at a Narrowboat which has a beautiful K2 in situ. She is currently sitting in a Boat Yard , after having undergone a complete makeover, and would like to know the following please:- Do we have any enthusiasts near Cannock that could start her up for me? Would buy them Lunch etc 😄 Also, i need to get her to a Marina, somewhere in the area that can accommodate a 66' Boat. Great Opportunity for someone to have a play Final question, i promise, are there Maintenance Manuals available for the Kelvin K2? As always, any help and info would be gratefully received.
  17. Hi All, Newbie here, so a 66' with vintage K2 engine, is seriously going to restrict where i can take her?
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