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  1. Hi. Tomorrow is a big day. My boat is getting survied. I am anxious and excited. Thank you for asking
  2. It is a pre purchase full survey.
  3. I was told by the Surveyor insurable defects' is only if the boat will sink and the rust on the roof don't fall under that. I guess I have to look for someone who can do the job for me near Northampton. Any recommendation will be appreciated guys. All been so helpful here I learnt a lot.
  4. Tbh I thought power jet wash, dry , sand it down and cover it with waterproof paint.?
  5. Good to know someone else bought a boat from the Wilton's sister Marina. You refurbished the gearbox and you got a new drive plate. How much did you pay for that? Did they do the work for you? As you said it has nothing to do with BSS. After the survey did you see a proof of all the work that got done on your boat?
  6. I see. I will share it with you in a private message if that's okay. I have not written any questions down? I don't know exactly what to write but I know I need to ask who owns the boat? I am going to write down what I can remember from everyone's suggested here.
  7. I am going on Friday taking my brother with me and I have questions to ask so I will ask who is the owner?
  8. That sounds good. I should get price down for the rust do you think?
  9. Thank you for your suggestion. I booked Craig Allen for the 15th April. Fingers crossed all goes well.
  10. I spoke to Craig Allen today he agreed to to do the survey.
  11. In Northampton any recommendation?
  12. Mooring in Northampton. Any recommendation for leisure mooring near there.
  13. 1.Can I see the transfer of ownership of the vessels? 2. Tearm 'sold '. 3 make sure no debt attached to the boat.
  14. ? What will be the exact questions I need to ask regarding the ownership documents?
  15. I like what you said. I am going back there again to see the boat and I should have all these above questions ready to ask. What is RYA?
  16. I will be in Northampton for a while . So if you are around I will appreciate your help. I can hire tools also right.
  17. I am thinking of looking for a place to moor in a Marin outside London for a while. My son 8 so one child.
  18. Yes not for liveaboard it's for leisure purpose. I am not looking for residential mooring. It will be for continue crusing. Thank you for sharing your experience.
  19. The boat is for continue crusing it's for holiday use in the nice weather months. I will not get a permanent mooring as it's impossible anyway. I live near stonebridge canal as my permeant home. Boat is for holiday season enjoying the sun and canal with my kids. Is anyone here from London?
  20. I am now thinking what have a done by putting the deposit down for this boat? Should I go for survey and see what happens? The worse case I will lose 2k and walk away. ? Not 33k. I appreciate all the advice you all have given taking your time out to write. I am so confused now ?
  21. G12283 Whilton Marina Updated Blacking Charges Feb 2020.pdf Wrong file I uploaded. Sorry The below is the correct information That's the boat I am buying Brochure (1).pdf
  22. I really appreciate all that advice. You all are so great. I only put down the deposite for the boat and I noticed that on the roof. Will that be picked on the survey? I am buying it from Wilton marina and they said they fix things only if it's for BSR.
  23. Maybe you can give some more tips and show me some picS of your work. I will appreciate that.
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