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  1. thanks peeps Shame we didn’t think of it last year or known about Wigan As we were stranded in Wigan for 10 days waiting for the Brodgewater to reopen Ha well as my old dad used to say everything happens for a reason Hence our boat name Our Serendipity If it’s to be it will be one day lol 

  2. Thanks to all who have responded Got some good help We have searched a few and it would appear that there are a few bit cheaper and some that will allow us to stay on boat whilst we work on it so just now have to decide where when lol

    yes eeyore we have looked at them and its possible  just weighing up pros and cons and planning what we need to do lol

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  3. your right you can get free lift out once you been there a year We were thinking of having it after april which would be our year So we rang up and asked questions But not that good a deal as charge £48 per day you cant do own work you cant stay on boat So basically its free to get out for them to have your business Found a few cheaper per day not that expensive to lift out can do diy and stay on the boat So really great haywood not that good adeal for moorers

  4. We bought a fuel guard filter that fits in line between the tank and normal fuel filter It separates any water from the diesel and filters out any gunk  All other half Does is opens bottom tap on it to drain any water that’s in there 

    Done us well 

  5. On 06/12/2017 at 09:55, Sharibeau said:

    This is the first time i have lived on a canal boat ( or even been on one ! ). I purchase her in the summer and now the winter is here the advice i have been given is ' you must have a full fuel tank in the winter to avoid condensation'

    i have dipped my tank and it is practically empty - my logic is - ' that's fine , i'll just drain out if any condensation in the spring and re- fill her with new diesel as i'm not using the engine all winter'

    some of the folk on my marina have said that they wouldn't advise this but couldn't explain why

    Can someone please clarify if i can leave the fuel tank empty - drain out any water in the spring and fill tank or do i need to fill the tank now ? 





  6. Hi All

    we have a 51foot sea otter Our Serendipity we are based at great Haywood marina We want to take her out to check her bum and spruce up her top half 

    we have looked at a few  dry docks but most wont let you do DIY and those we found who do want to charge in region of £100 to £150 to get in the dock Then £40 to £45 per day Do any of you kind people know any cheaper ones that aren’t too far away from great Haywood Thank you all in anticipation 

    Eileen & Mike 

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