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  1. John Edwards owned MARCELLUS from 1981 to 1983, and at that time it was still lived on as an unconverted butty. As with BEAULIEU it carried the final incarnation of the plain blue 'British Waterways' livery. I am pretty sure MARCELLUS was still composite at that time, i.e. retained its wooden bottoms - and of course its cabin was wooden as well.


    I photographed MARCELLUS on 20 October 1990 near Shardlow, and I imagine mine are amongst the last photographs taken of it as a floating unconverted butty as it was cut very shortly afterwards.


    I consider John Edwards to be a friend and I feel it would be paying him a disservice to discuss his background on a public Forum with somebody I do not know captain.gif

    Apologies, I certainly would not want you to 'discuss' any persons background I was merely picking up the various threads of history....regards

  2. I prefer all of the 1980's images you have published here, they remind me of good times as I was working on the boats myself back then and lived just around the corner at Sherborne Street Wharf.


    edit = The man on the towpath with the dog is John Edwards, long term owner of BEAULIEU and CAM, but at this time would have still owned MARCELLUS captain.gif

    Marcellus you say....excellent to find all of these links....what is the background to John Edwards?

  3. Marcellus passed from me as an intact Butty.

    Ian Clifton turned the Back end into a bow and made a shorter boat originally called Marcel. Originally he got the rivet line wrong and there was a step in the line nearer the back end (this may well have been corrected by now) I think he told me it was due to forgetting about allowing for the wooden cant line on the original and then starting welding rivets from the back instead of following back from the original rivet line. He also welded a hollow stem post onto what was the original cast stern post. It was good, but never looked authentic as a Woolwich front because of it.


    The front end was by far the larger part of the original hull and Ian constructed a very good counter and back end to weld onto the the much larger front end. He had a good eye and that was the boat he kept to live on with his wife.

    excellent thank you for the details.....there is obviously a lot of history behind the boat.

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