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  1. Thanks. Happy to post photo, but not how to upload on to here, any help gratefully received
  2. Our 1972 Dartline Frobisher needs the windows refurbished, which we are trying to do ourselves. The hopper is sitting on a rubber seal that has broken down but also appears to stop any water getting through the drainage holes. Should this rubber seal be there, and if not what should be there, if anything? Any help gratefully received
  3. Our engine needs replacing on our 1974 narrowboat. We are moored at Gayton, Northampton. Any suggestions on where to get one would be gratefully received
  4. Dave, will have a look tomorrow. Thank you everyone for all your help, at least I have somewhere to start my investigations now
  5. Thank you so very much, all your comments are gratefully appreciated and it is so interesting. The 5 figure number is 64308
  6. Called Legend, and engine is Lister ST3, air cooled. We think it's called the scimitar shape. Number on licence is 90722639, is this what you are after. Not sure how to add a photo.
  7. All I know is its a dartline Frobisher with grp roof, 1974 and used to have a sliding roof. Any help gratefully received
  8. I would like to research the history of my 1974 dartline, any ideas how I would go about this please?
  9. We are refitting the above and would like to know the best way to fit plywood to the grp insides. Can we fit straight to the grp or should we fix to batons? Any help gratefully received.
  10. We are looking to replace the fibreglass roof on our boat. It is very dented and leaks. As far as I can see, our options are the same or steel. Any help gratefully recieved
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