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  1. John Rickaby, built MSC Frodsham 62ft,  Stretford( Brocky) 68ft ?,  Ashworth ( working boat) 70ft,  Reliance 40ft (butty, converted it  to a 62ft motor,  Rainbow Gypsy 60ft?,  Pipsqueak 40ft,  Minuet 35ft,  Liberty 20ft,   Icicle 32ft( Roama 2),  Roama 3 30ft6ins,  Liberty ,extended twice (Big  Roama)40ft - 53ft-65ft).

  2. Hi Mike, I wonder where the 'missing' cylinders got to, they must have been up to no good in the engine room to produce a J4. Possible reasons for pulling to one side  - prop walk, and the longer than average swim combined with the length of the rear deck overhang. The hydraulic hoses are Volvo and designed for the Volvo tipper trucks, they were provided by Uncle Paul who owned Reliance Tankers of Runcorn at the time and ran a fleet of trucks - the truck racing at Donington was great! Cheers, Pat. p.s. what is your new engine?

  3. Hi again Mike, here is the rest of the correspondence as written in Model Boats Forum under Manchester Ship Canal - you have to log in to reply! In 2013? we fetched Frodsham back from Wrenbury and found it sluggish, on arrival at Stretton over 80 gallons of water  was pumped out. Mostly tap water from a faulty shower pump/ sink outlet. you  turned the tap on and water went over your feet causing the floor to rise up in 'waves' - it was in a shocking state- and why did they put the toilet tank next to the range in the back cabin? Not an item you would want to percolate I would have thought ! Give us a ring if you like, 01509 670549  Pat.


  4. Hi Mike, notes from our Frodsham log 1987. A stay bar was put on the engine to stop it rocking at low speeds. We had a muff coupling made to link up the engine shaft and the hydraulic shaft - this proved to be accurately  machined at the engine end but was 18 thou out at the other. This caused a big brass toothed bearing to overheat, grip the shaft and stop the engine.Another problem was the slipping in and out of gear, the flexible coupling kept pulling apart - hydraulic pump too heavy for mounting, a tie bar was put onto the engine cover and that seems to have cured the problem. Hope this is of interest, Pat.

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