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Martin Megson

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  1. 20 hours ago, JamesFrance said:

    That looks very similar to the Adria Twin we spent the winter with in Spain until recently, when we sold it and bought another narrowboat.

    It’s a Devon Aztec, based on a LWB Citroen Relay.  Lovely van, very easy to drive very comfortable.  

  2. Just received an email update from CaRT.  Seems the navigation IS open from 16:00 on Friday.  The contractor will be still be working on-site but these will not affect navigation.

    Notice Alert

    Oxford Canal
    Location: Between Hillmorton and Clifton upon Dunsmore, Oxford Canal
    Up Stream Winding Hole: Above Bridge 74, Kilsby Road Bridge.
    Down Stream Winding Hole: At the junction of the Clifton Arm.

    Monday 5 February 2018 08:00 until Friday 16 March 2018 16:00

    Type: Navigation Closure 
    Reason: 3rd Party Works


    Update on 15/03/2018:


    The navigation between Hillmorton and Clifton upon Dunsmore will be re-opened from 4pm tomorrow as planned. 

    The third party contractor will be continuing to carry out drainage works along the side of the canal but these will not affect the navigation.  Boaters are asked to proceed with care.

    Please be aware the towpath in this area is closed and a diversion is in place.  The towpath diversion will continue until September 2018 while the third party contractor carries out further works adjacent to the canal.

  3. 10 hours ago, nicknorman said:

    I don’t hate drones. I nearly bought one. But then I discovered how difficult it was to use one and stay within the law, so I decided not to bother.

    True, but 164’ is quite high. For example, the pontcycllte is only 121’ above the Dee.

    A fair point :)

  4. 5 hours ago, nicknorman said:

    I wonder if they had CAA permission, otherwise they were breaking the law? (article 95 2(c))



    The 50 meter rule includes vertical so as long as it's over 50 meter above the vessel or building it's legal.


  5. 59de749040d48_IMG_0433(1).jpg.041f8366222254297248eb174d4e7c28.jpgI was puzzling last week over the vertical while marks on bridges on the L&L which are not quite in the centre of the arch.  The penny dropped and I realised that they mark the centre of the actual canal rather than the bridge which of course includes the towpath.  I guess these make it easier to line up a wide beam.


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