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  1. 46 minutes ago, mrsmelly said:

    Thanks. It was a genuine question but I will not need to do any asking as the boss has kept a cruising diary since 1989. Its fun to look up some of the early days to remember when we actualy where were we were if you know what I mean :unsure: On a personal basis when working we have always got a mooring and when we cc we cc. Next year we will leave the T and m to Bristol and up to York and the maccy so just about complying with the ahemm " 20 " miles ccing " recommendation " :o

    Thanks was wonderin as its been mentioned on ere b4 I suppose that's why if someone moves one way and then back the other they can look as though they havnt actualy moved?

    yes in my case i went for dinner in mercia then returned to the same place as i had 3 days left there :lol: but they came back and logged me which in their eyes was 17 days lol but as i said i got it sorted in the end and note removed.

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  2. 13 minutes ago, mrsmelly said:

    Is that a copy of sightings of your boar GoodGurl? just wondered? Is that how they collate it and can you ask to see it? just wonderin like.

    no thats my logs done in WPS  this is the CRT log image.png.bce85d6359ececa9f835bae7da1c4bb8.png

    you can ask for your sightings from - Information.Request@canalrivertrust.org.uk

  3. 30 minutes ago, matty40s said:

    Go on, I'll bite,  exactly how long were you moored outside Mercia marina mid October to start of November. ...???;)

    .....and you still get more overstay notices than me:D

    i have only ever had one overstay notice and that was in error which steve cropper removed from my notes, anything else you would like to know? please get your facts right before throwing stones eh


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  4. 11 minutes ago, mrsmelly said:

    What am I then? At present I have 2 moorings one on the Oxford and one in the marina I am parked in at present. I will still have the oxford one in march when we sod off cruising again but will not be using it as I will be ccing.......................Do I need a licence or a rebate :)

    would that make you a Continuous Moorer :giggles::giggles:

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  5. 47 minutes ago, Alan de Enfield said:

    I am not following your thought train - Are you suggesting that 545 is 50% of 2, or that 2 is 50% of 545 ?

    I'll leave you to your alternative world of mathematics.

    you know exactly what i mean but let me explain in simple terms if you dont understand, if there were ONLY 2 home moorers and ONE didnt pay then that would be 50% of evaders, the simple fact is there are 545 on 'Home Moorings'  (65.8%) and 232 'Continuous Cruisers'  (28%) i'm sorry that you are a home moorer and have to bare this cross.

  6. 6 minutes ago, Alan de Enfield said:


    Unfortunately there is a higher percentage of the population of CCers who are dishonest, than there is amongst those who pay for a mooring.

    From your excitement when you thought that HMers were 'the main culprits' you must CCer, but I am sure you are one of those 'that pay their way', after all, you are a 'GOODGURL'

    yes i do pay my way and yes you are correct i do CC and abide by all the rules, but as i said you are nit picking the percentages, if there were only 2 home moorers that would be 50% so jog on with your nit picking.

  7. 45 minutes ago, Alan de Enfield said:


    There are, in reality only two classifications of boaters, those with, and those without a home mooring.

    There are some 31,000 boats licenced with C&RT, of which approx. 3,500 have no home mooring, and, 27,500 have a home mooring.

    Your figures show that there were 232 licence evaders amongst the population of ‘no home moorers’, and 545 licence evaders amongst the population of 'home moorers'.

    This shows that indeed the ‘non-home moorers’ have a licence evasion rate of 15.6% whilst the ‘home-moorers’ have an evasion rate of 1.98%.

    Say again - who are the ‘baddies’ ?

    the fact is there are more evaders on  home moorings than CCrs despite you nit picking the percentages, of course the CCrs percentage will be higher because there are fewer of them.

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  8. 4 minutes ago, Loddon said:

    So from your figures 6.6% of CC   and 5.1% of marina dwellers are unlicenced.

    Seems as usual marina dwellers are the good guys.

    Did you mean evaders? That's 1/3 of the total number of boats on the canal. Also figures have changed.... To help your case?

    i worked it out wrong lol oops

  9. So everybody kicks off about CCrs not being licensed when in truth its marina boats that are the biggest culprits.


    Also see Alan's FOI to CRT here - https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/boat_license_evasion_by_type#incoming-1067470

    and the attachment figures here -  https://www.whatdotheyknow.com/request/440869/response/1067470/attach/html/3/Unlicensed Boats March 2017.xlsx.html

    C&RT came back with a breakdown of 828 unlicensed boats:

    545 on 'Home Moorings'  (65.8%)
    232 'Continuous Cruisers'  (28%)
    31  'unknown'  (3.7%)
    13 'Other Nav. Authorities'  (1.6%)
    7  'out of water'  (0.8%) (Probably trailboats)

  10. 20 minutes ago, Graham Davis said:

    What on earth has the fact that they are a "charity" got to do with it?
    And sorry but CaRT is a big business, and staff complaints about management occur in all businesses.
    Yes I have read the review, and it reads just as I would have expected it to, some positive and some negative comments, as you will find about any other company, big or small. However the positive comments are completely ignored by SJ; I wonder why? Perhaps they didn't fit his agenda? 


    The fact is graham is it just goes to show that boaters are not making it up when it comes to CRT bullying them re enforcement etc etc and no i'm not getting into that arguement either, i have said what i need to say so you can take it whichever way you choose.

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  11. 46 minutes ago, Graham Davis said:

    GG, low moral and anti-management comments are not just made about CaRT. On any of the railway staff internet sites you can read equally (or more) vociferous comments about Network Rail or any of the train operating companies. If you look you could probably find similar about every other large employer in the UK or every Government department.

    What has spoiled Jenlyn's "rant" is the fact that he has edited the responses to suit his well known anti-CaRT agenda, and has made his usual insults against members of this forum who do not agree with him. 

    we are not talking about big business's tho are we, we are talking about a charity that are bullying their staff and as for SJ editing the responses he hasn't (go look for yourself) the other comments he didn't post were worse than the ones he did post. everything he posts on the site is took from CRT themselves the only bit added is the "rant" before the post.

    ed to add: sorry forgot the link seeing as you have obviously not read it - https://www.glassdoor.co.uk/Reviews/Canal-and-River-Trust-Reviews-E841811.htm

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  12. 21 minutes ago, Arthur Marshall said:

    It's a sad fact that, whatever SJ's agenda might be (and yes, I know it too!) he's almost certainly right that not many of CRT's on the ground staff think that their management is any good.    Parkinson's second law, I think, that in any organisation, after a time it becomes more important to run the organisation than to look after what it was supposed to be doing in the first place.   Why should CRT be any different? We're just lucky that most of the bods on the ground still care about the canals - all the back office people care about is their jobs.

    it's a sad fact that the ground staff will get that low in moral that they will leave and then where will CRT be? contractors that don't care sadly

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  13. 20 minutes ago, alan_fincher said:

    Why on earth should I go anywhere near a site that I know has been used by its owner to attack me personally?

    I'll pass on that one, thank you.

    Mr Jay's site is like Thunderboat - I have no desire to read either.

    If you won't visit the site to see what has been put then why are you having an input on the content that you haven't read?

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  14. 7 hours ago, alan_fincher said:


    But those who SJ has in the past decided to post personal attacks on on his own website don't have that option do they?

    how would you know if you haven't read the site? you can in fact comment if you wish but sadly not  telepathically

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  15. 17 hours ago, X Alan W said:

    As said & I would add check your insurance cover, as far as I remember & I don't think it"s changed/been amended you need a forward facing white light, most "Night Owls" use their tunnel lamps for this purpose Can I ask why not to travel in snow Back in the day I have done it many times when had to get a load to destination would perhaps not recommend for a leisure boater with little experience, but it is possible & feasible more than likely stoppages would probably prevent this.

    wow this post is 4 years old and if i remember the snow was thick so not advisable to lock at night.

  16. i moored on these moorings with the yellow signage at middlewich last year with 3 working boat without a problem, one of the guys said it used to be used by the hire company but didnt know if it still was. to be fair its always got boats on it and i was just lucky to get on the end.

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