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09 March 2012 - 06:17 PM


We have a Heritage Range cooker-it's very clever, operates heating,water and obviously cooking. It runs on diesel and carosine, but there are other alternatives! we are considering increasing battery power by adding another battery, 130amp- as the heritage is controlled by a clever 'gismo' that automatically trips-in to maintain optimun temperature-although you can set it to a manual configuration. Absolutely fab in a boat, comes in 2 sizes and several colours and to date: uses not a lot of fuel!

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Warrior Princess.

Hi there,

What is the manual configuration you speak of?

I have worked out it should use 1.14 litres of diesel per hour but after an hour of heating up to 200 the oven will cool down every 15 minutes or so and the burner will prob come on again for a few minutes after that time cycling roughly like this.

Always have a multifuel burner on board with a backboiler this is a must have for when the range needs servicing or when you run out of diesel and IS nicer. All houses with ranges I am certain have a stove as well! (tho i could be wrong)

I will emphasise just how helpful those guys at Heritage are. I have learnt how to replace the burner nozzle and adjust the electrodes next to them. I am going to learn gasket replacement and removal of hob for clean out, also the bottom of the oven is removable for a hoover or wipe clean if necessary with a wide flat head screwdriver. It is worth knowing because their time is limited and I think they welcome it if you are confident however a full service which involves adjusting the pump pressure... a critical factor, is not something I can yet do or perhaps would be able to do.

If it fits then a Compact would be advantageous over an UNO.

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07 March 2012 - 02:52 PM

I don't think it would save anything, you would probably sit there with the front door open letting the heat out. :cheers:

...and have another pint of aspall cider!

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07 March 2012 - 02:14 PM

When my hull was delivered the spray foam was the same thickness as a coat of paint in some places. To start with the company that did it offered to send me some cans of aerosol which I obviously refused. In the end thanks to my hull builder they were pleading with me to come from Wales to respray it as they had stopped getting any work.
Since then I have seen many boats that look to have between 5 and 10mm of foam on the panels, no where near level with the ribs.
The easiest way to check is to drive a pin through a small square of plywood and use that as a depth gauge.

I honestly think insulation should be 50mm thick or even more - we would all save thousands of pounds a year on fuel and the environment too. I read that 100mm spray foam should be used in order to have a temperature controlled room.

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07 March 2012 - 02:10 PM

Starter batteries aren't for living off and neither are leisure batteries.

I know a farmer in wales who has a bank of solar panels and 800AH of traction batteries and a diesel generator. he says he has to run genny 2 hours every day. in the summer he can run power tools off the solar battery combination. I believe this all runs his farm and house and there is a large wind turbine that hardly moves too.

I would always specify at least a 5000VA inverter, 1000 plus AH battery bank at 24V and prob 500 W of solar panels or more and a diesel generator. If I had that I'd be laughing - I do have 12V 800AH (Trojan 6V batteries) 3000VA inverter and 2.8Kw petrol generator and no solar panels but it's just enough to run this boat with 4 hours charging per day.

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07 March 2012 - 01:32 PM

The Heritage Uno and next 2 models up use a Sterling NuWay ST40 burner.

Heritage reccommends the use of a 0.3 USgallonperhour nozzle. Have used 0.4 but as suggested apparently soots up the unit.

Grande is ST50 i believe

100 watts @ 230V which is not the most efficient when cruising.

200 litres in 2 months we used if not more... heating and cooking on a 70 x 12 boat. should have got the Compact as UNO is definitely rubbish for us, tho compact has 2 burners instead of one for separate heating and cooking. i don't care if it heats while you cook if the oven maxes out and you can't cook on the hob or indeed heat the boat since the 2 systems are connected. Why not get a dedicated cooker and dedicated heating then when one of them breaks you can still eat or be warm? had to install a woodburner anyway. best thing ever!

wish i had full size gas cooker, alde boiler hooked up to engine too, and back boiler on woodburner as backup for heating bedrooms etc cos the UNO plays up all the time. dis diesel is rising all the time... 92p from Pace barge boat and 88p from uxbridge

don't rely on one form of heating get at least 2 and when it gets to -5 you can have them all on at once! - if they work that is.

I am very disgruntled as I just replaced the nozzle and had to work out why it didn't turn on... seems the ceramic spark plugs have to be aligned properly which i have done and feel proud of myself for doing this, BIG BUT just discovered fumes leaking out of the insulation at the top because of a failed gasket which I am going to replace. I have become quite the service technician!