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Brexit 2019

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7 minutes ago, Tigerr said:

The original vote has been followed through, and a result reached.  It has been a long process and a difficult one.

There is a legitimate question as to whether what is offered is actually what the people want.

It looks like it is very unpopular, and for any number of reasons. It is clear that parliament are not going to vote for it though, and if brexit was about anything it was about sovereignty, as has been driven home hard on this thread, time and again. 

Possibly the people would prefer to leave to WTO terms. 

Possibly the people might prefer to remain, informed by the last 2 years.  

Seems fairly reasonable to consult - after all this is going to define the economic welfare of the next generation. (As well as their sovereignty).

As far as your question about the result being remain -  it was very clearly stated that that would be 'unfinished business' and we could certainly speculate as to what the current political reality might be - but it would all be speculation. We might for instance have gilets jaunes etc, but nobody knows.  You are seeking to set up an equivalence between a hypothetical and an actual situation. 

Have confidence in the people and let's be open to their voice. 





Which voice the one that voted for leave, the one that told them that the Government would enact vote no matter what it said, or the remain voices saying we have to vote again to get the right result!! same old same old init

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