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MANCHESTER - New Islington Marina


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I'm just wondering how the following could be accomplished with boats still floating within the marina:


          3.0 New Islington Marina – Identified Issues

3.1 The report to the Executive in June 2016 set out details of a number of problems that had come to light with the public realm in and around the Marina (for example sink holes on the public promenade; and water ingress onto surrounding development sites).

3.2 In response to this the City Council commissioned preliminary survey works to understand the extent of the problem and to identify a range of solutions to address matters. The main issues identified were:

a. Raised water levels within the Rochdale and Ashton Canal Basins and the consequent seepage of water through the non-waterproofed sections of the New Islington Marina, mainly the coping stone joints into the adjacent development sites and the roadway;

b. The presence of “fill” material beneath the public promenade which is not sufficiently compacted and is consequently being washed away by water seepage, which in turn is leading to underground voids causing subsidence and sinkholes;

c. A deflected surface water drain and a fractured deep sewer pipe that was assessed as beyond economic repair;

d. As a result of c. the requirement to provide an alternative foul drainage solution for the boater’s hut; and,

e. The need to permanently secure and make watertight two canal arm spurs that have been deemed as no longer required.


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