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Ray T

Canal & River Trust licensing consultation update

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31 August 2017

Following the completion of the opening stages of its boat licensing consultation, the Canal & River Trust has published a report on the views aired in the second stage of the consultation: a series of workshops held across the country involving a cross section of the boating community.

In the next few weeks the Trust will be inviting all boaters and boating groups to take part in the third and final stage of the consultation where it will put forward a series of proposals on the future of boat licensing which will have been informed by the first two stages of the consultation.  
Ian Rogers, customer service and operations director at the Canal & River Trust, comments: “I’d like to thank everyone who has taken part in the boat licensing consultation so far – the conversations have been thought-provoking and are helping us shape the final stage of our consultation.

“In the next few weeks we’ll be getting in touch with all private and business licence holders and boating organisations to encourage them to take part.  We’ll be emailing an invitation to all our boat licence holders for whom we hold email addresses, and sending invites by post to the others.  The proposals will be published on our website, as well as hard copies available on request from our offices, so everyone will have a chance to see them.  

“It is important that we have a full view of boaters’ thoughts and feelings to help shape the future of licensing.  Please take advantage of this opportunity to make your voices heard.”

More information about the boat licensing consultation, including reports from stage one and stage two, can be found here: https://canalrivertrust.org.uk/national-consultations


For further media requests please contact: 
Fran Read, national press officer, Canal & River Trust 
m 07796 610 427 e [email protected] 

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