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Mobile Chat Bubble Removal


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Following member feedback, we have removed the "Site Chat" bubble displayed on mobile devices at least temporarily until improvements are made to it. We appreciate it was somewhat intrusive. 

The chat can still be accessed on mobile devices but from the main menu. I will likely add links elsewhere too as to increase its prominence but without being intrusive. 

We appreciate the chat is not and has not been widely used on Canal World in comparison to the rest of the site but we choose to maintain it for those who do wish to make use of it. Of couse, our main focus is on the forums where our community continues to thrive.


Please note that if the mobile chat bubble is still visible for you and if you would like it to disappear as mentioned, you will need to clear your browser cache. I had to do this myself on my phone so won't be surprised if others need to do the same also.

Any questions, let us know 



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2 hours ago, David Mack said:

It was gone for me earlier, but is now back again! (Samsung Galaxy A3)


2 hours ago, Tim Lewis said:


I'm still seeing it on my phone!  (Iphone 7)

Please clear browser cache. 

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