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We are purchasing a 37ft ex passenger boat which is currently moored on the Thames at Reading. The vessel currently needs work to be carried out on the engine, so is not mobile. Does anyone know of someone, or could assist themselves in towing the boat to Bishops Stortford on the Lee and Stort navigation (or even part way) we would of course pay for the service, and offer crew.

Dudley (tel 01279 505921)

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5 minutes ago, dudleyblake said:

The vessel currently needs work to be carried out on the engine

Your money, your boat & your choice, but :

Why not pay a mechanic to fix the boat where it is, if you have it towed, you will be paying for it to be towed, and when it arrives at BS you will still have to pay someone to fix the engine.

Unless there are reasons you have not mentioned it seems an unnecessary expenditure.

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What you say is of course obviousl, but as stated it is a passenger vessel. It is basically a hull with a small canopy, no cabin or any facilities at all. so you could not spend the night on it, especially at my age and I would not like to leave it unattended overnight on a 9 day trip to and through London etc.

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In which case (although I don't understand your reluctance), rather than paying a commercial towing company (many / most private boats will have their insurance invalidated if they tow) have you considered having it 'trucked by road' - It may well work out considerably cheaper than 9 days tug hire.

Ensure that any one undertaking the tow is fully insured for towing and that any damage caused to third parties (should the tow 'go wrong') is also covered.


Towing thru' London - Hmmmmmmmmm !

If you are offering to pay someone, they then become commercial / professional and are doing work for 'reward' - this piles on various legislative responsibilities. Having seen some 'nightmares' of 'private individuals' towing and hitting other boats / lock walls as the tow 'wobbles about' I'd really recommend not to go down that route.


Good luck in whatever you decide to do.

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