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17 minutes ago, junior said:

Oh my God,  now I'm getting a bloody pop up every time someone posts in this thread. How do I permanently stop that happening? 

This is a setting in your browser.  go to settings and search for notifications.  It is set per website.  You must have clicked 'allow' by mistake at some time in the past.

Which browser?  I'm on Chrome.

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 Gordon Bennett - I thought I was the only dinosaur - but there are more even more reactive behind me!!!

Yes an huge learning curve (took me at least ten minutes (!) to get something acceptable.

Calm down it's only a computer system.

(Blurry double spacing...)

It WILL settle down (sometime) and I'm truly grateful for -whoever- doing this giant leap to satisfy those who don't have a 'proper' computer (that is those without keyboards...).

For 5 minutes I hated it, 5th. time through - it's getting better, hatting to admit it, better.

Methinks the mods / owners / whatever have bust their guts to get it thus far. So folks -

Thanks and be patient.


(now single spacing pls - how...) 


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Just now, AllanC said:

I think that what appears to be double spacing between lines of type is what is making scrolling needed more. Everything just seems so spaced out. Or perhaps folks are using the return key a bit too often.

That is a part of it. The other part is the length of the stuff in a users profile


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16 minutes ago, nicknorman said:

My tip is to create a custom activity stream configured how you want it. Under activity...my activity streams... create new stream. I called mine VNC for old time's sake!

Can you make it list just threads, not all the new posts in the thread?

I called mine View New Content too


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Thank you for your feedback. We're taking all feedback into consideration with a view to implement improvements where possible. In the meantime, I encourage everyone to explore the new functionality of the software and the improvements it has to offer. I appreciate some may have mixed views (as do I!) but it was a journey we had to make. The software we used previously had reached its End of Life, or EOL (tech term for "use by date") and after April this year, no more security updates will provided for it by our vendor. As such it would have been irresponsible if we hadn't made the voyage. (to use Alan's term :))

Again though, we value your feedback and will be taking it into consideration bearing in mind the constraints we face. One of them being cost; This forum is funded by its members and staff alike and depends almost entirely on donations. As such, we appreciate all donations as it helps to keep the community going.


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