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No hot water


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Hi I have no hot water even when the engine is running I recently emptied the collifer to change the leek I had so now filled it no leeks but now no hot water any ideas please.



I take it your cauliflower is only heated by the engine? Have you checked water level in engine? if it has dropped for whatever reason you may not be pumping enough through the heating coil. Have you isolated the heating coil by a valve or something when you repaired cauliflower and forgotten to turn it back on?

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Oh dear the old gags get a bit wearing at times - 'specially as you called it a "collifer" and no the vegetable.

Sometimes it can be a right pain to get all the air out of the coil in the cylinder. That's often because the hot-water-cylinder circuit is fed from the car heater takeoff on the engine and the water flow just goes to the skin tank.


If there's an expansion tank well above the engine, then top it up and run the engine quite fast for a couple of minutes.

OR when that fails, try bleeding the higher pipe to the "C" thingy - loosen the fitting to let any air out - place something absorbent around the joint to catch any fluid.


If you're lucky the engine might give up the struggle and suddenly the water flows....

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The hot water on my boat stopped suddenly.

Seems my ripping the gas heater out and flogging it on eBay for a hundred sovs was to blame.


I hate gas on a boat and did the same with the fridge, so now I can't get water hot nor milk cold.


As my engine is air cooled I can successfully heat up the floor of my cruiser back end which is useless for anything else other than warming up the dog's bum.

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