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Algea/Moss in sliding window seal


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Our boat has aluminium top hopper style windows. Two of the windows have a split fixed and sliding pane beneath the hopper. They were put in when the boat was built around 9 years ago. The neoprene rubber in the hopper openings all needs to be replaced due to age - no problem. The furry strip is ok but will get replaced at the same time. Our problem is that we have moss growing on the vertical seal for the sliding opening windows and cannot see how to get the glass out to clean and replace.

The windows do not have screws holding them in from the outside and I am yet to investigate from the inside by removing the window surround.

Do not really want to take the windows out but it may come to that. Thinking of a repaint in a couple of years so could survive till then. Any suggestions appreciated.

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Join the ranks (I thought I was the only on the Whole System) - the Management wants copious amount of fresh air ('specially when cooking) - which the hoppers alone can't provide.

The downside is as you indicate - all sorts of 'folks' growing in places that you can't access.

I've tried ice-cream-tub-spoons, or thin bits of wood with a hook on the end to scrape the green stuff out.


If there's an easy solution - I'd love to know. To date we're in a minority of two......

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Bleach and a toothbrush

Vinegar and Bicarbonate of soda plus a dental pick eBay

Put in portholes, they're round with no corners

One of those expensive hand held steam cleaner gizmos thingies

Tomato soup and a cotton bud (at least it'll change the colour)


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Thanks for the tips. I did email one of the advertising nb window suppliers together with photos of the problem. Helpful reply which confirms my thoughts that if we decide to change the windows in the future a design that requires you to dismantle the window frame to clean the glass is best avoided.

So cotton buds and Milton it is. Sure we have Milton at the back of a kitchen cupboard left over from when the offspring were born. No moss growing on them after 30+ years so this could be the answer! !!☺☺

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