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Mon and Brec - more or less expensive to buy than on main network?

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Looking at a boat on the Mon and Brec. Question, is a boat on this canal, more, less or same as one on the main network? Wont make a difference as to whether I get it (that's about how much to make it work - its a mess) but may inform me on the offer.



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Pure guesswork, but I would suspect that boats there might attract a premium on the grounds that they are already there and therefore there will be no extra cranage or transport charges in bringing them in.


Conversely, If you want to go anywhere else it's gonna cost you.

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is it a narrowboat or a 9ft wide boat (the latter is the local maximum width)?


is it for sale with or without a mooring?


I would expect a conventional narrowboat for sale on the M&B to be slightly cheaper on the assumption that it will cost about £2K to move it to the national network.

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I have bought and sold my boat(s) there over a period of about 20 years, and watched many being sold. There are a few considerations - the main one being that there are some (but limited) lovely, reasonably-priced moorings with good support. So, if you can offer the boat with one of these moorings (of course the operator has to have agreed) then you can ask an above going price. Many folk selling their boat, who can afford to wait a while, thus tend to offer above normal and then hold tight until a really good offer comes along. Also, given the lack of depth and the distinct saucer shape, a vee-bottomed boat is preferable. Be careful about the width - 8ft 6" is really about the limit but even that will result in many scrapes - you spend a lot of time doing touch-up painting! Also check the state of the bottom - such a shallow canal does appear to cause more wear and so an out-of-water survey is absolutely essential if the boat is more than, say, 20 years old.

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