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Stoppage At Railway Bridge 42A (Cathiron) Northern Oxford Canal

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This listed stoppage runs from 5th December to 20th January (inclusive), but contains somewhat mixed messages.....



  • Full canal closure is required from 05/12/2016 – 20/01/2017.
  • Network Rail have agreed for a ‘one hour (1-hrs) opening each day’ (i.e. between the hours of 12:00hrs to 13:00hrs) throughout the stoppage to allow boats through the works.
  • Complete closure with no passage of any Canal traffic will be required on the 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th and 28th December 2016 - when the existing bridge demolition and new deck replacement works will be take place.



We were relying on this to say that other than from 24th to 28th December we could get through during that one hour slot.


However chatting to another forum member last night, they firmly believed it to be a total closure throughout, and are planning a rushed move to beat the 5th December start.

Does any body have any better information about this stoppage please?

Unlike many there is no phone number at CRT included to allow further checking.

I have also heard a suggestion that there is at least one other stoppage on the Northern Oxford that is missing from the list altogether, perhaps because it is third party works rather than CRT., (although the same would seem to be true of the one above).

Again does anybody know anything about this, please?


It is highly unlikely we will be able to move a boat before 5th December, but we are very much hoping we will not be forced to wait until after 20th January!

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Yes, it seems it will be open an hour a day, except over those 5 days overlapping Christmas.


Here is the response I have just received from South East Waterways at CRT:


Dear Mr Fincher,


Thank you for contacting Canal & River Trust.


Please accept my apologies for the notice; I appreciate the wording is confusing and will highlight this to the relevant people to look into.


I can confirm that navigation will be closed for 23 hours a day and will open for 1 hour between 12:00 and 13:00. On the stated dates (24th, 25th, 26th, 27th and 28th December 2016) where there will be complete closure.


I hope the above information helps and please do not hesitate to contact us with any future queries.


Thank you once again for your email.


Kind Regards,


Lucy Shakeshaft – Business Support Administrator

For and on Behalf of South East Waterway

Canal & River Trust | 1st Floor North | Station House | 500 Elder Gate | Milton Keynes | MK9 1BB


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If anybody is interested, we passed Cathiron Rail Bridge (42A) today.


We planned to arrive before 12:00, ready for the one hour timeslot where passage is allowed, and so turned up at 11:30.


The path was blocked by a floating "bridge", between two large pontoons floating each side, but the workmen rapidly dragged this out the way, and waved us through, well in advance of the times they quote in the stoppage notice. Initially the gap looked less than 7 feet, but it was an illusion, and we slipped through.


I have no idea if they are doing this all the time, but we wee barely held up at all, (other than we had specifically timed when we needed to be there, so had not rushed in the first place!)


Well done CRT, (or whoever is contracted to do these works).

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It was an interesting experience going under that bridge last summer while a freight train was going over, the middle of the bridge visibly sagged by around 2 inches as each bogie went over

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Update on 17/01/2017

The canal at Bridge 42A (Railway), Oxford Canal, is now open for navigation. However, Network Rail's contractors are still on site completing the works, so please pass with care.

This notice will be updated once the works have been completed.

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