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Following on from a chat with friends in the pub last night, I was asked a question that I admit I didn't know the answer to !

( see I don't know everything LOL )


If a motor or a butty had a fore cabin added would it have had its own stove ? and how would the cabin be laid out ?

my thoughts were it just had 2 sorts of side beds BUT I cannot remember where that idea sprang from



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In this somewhat sad picture the late Alan Brown stands amidst a selection of fore cabins on ex FMC horse boats. The cabins had access from the hold via full height doors, there was a slide in the roof and a collar for a bottle stove. accommodation was just two benches. Very basic. There were no front opening doors on these.



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They were generally heated by Finrads supplied by the Eberspacher / Mikuni / Webasto.......


(Sorry, Chris!....)

There were a few tragedies recorded of deaths in fore cabins presumably from CO poisoning.


Or, (if these days, and given the state of some top gates), maybe from drowning!

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Here's an image of Ilford (on the right) with a forecabin and a stove - you can just see the chimney on the forecabin.



Although interestingly Ilford doesn't have a stove in the forecabin. Instead, there's a larger log burner in the cratch area (with a camp bed) and the flue heads up at a slight angle through the cabin, to exit through the forecabin chimney. There is a bed taking up the full area inside. It measures about 5'5" from inside the stempost to the bulkhead. I know that because I'm 5'6" tall!


Very much not a traditional arrangement, but more spacious for the kind of boating the boat does now.

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On this tco cabins were alot bigger with more space and set out more like a back cabin. - the table cupboard.


Only access was from the front at the hatch, no access from hold.


Small stove but normally a little bigger than the fmc ones.

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