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Ajax has some neat rings on the flanks and the ropes for the fenders clip on. I didn't do it but it works well. So mean that I only have two so the crew have to move them over for whichever side we are mooring!

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Hooks for the handrail. You can buy ready made ones for the angle iron trad style handrails and I made mine for the pipe style from strip steel using a blowlamp an home made jig.

That is how we hang tyres on when moored. I drilled the tyres and threaded rope through, with wooden blocks on the inside to stop rope and knot pulling out.

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Top fix depends on whether you have rails or gutters.

At the tyre end drill 8 to 10 mm holes once at top and two at bottom 75mm apart. Thread lorry rope down thru top hole, out thru one bottom hole' in thru other bottom hole and knot securely. This ensures that pressure/strain transfers to a wide and protected portion of tread whilst the knot is safely away from chaffes.

Mine are still good at over five years, although the rubber (ex go-cart best) is perishing.

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