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Life jacket for,short legged terrier

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I would hazard a guess that there are 2 or 3 brands to choose from and having bought 4 in the past there is very little to choose between them.

They all seem to be fluro orange (a good thing) and have a handle on the back to assist getting the dog out of the water and the fixings are all the snap in plastic type.

I can state that one of my dogs (a yoodle) only survived a fall into the water in mid January because she had her jacket on, fell in a tidal river on a strong ebb tide.

Most chandlers stock them or they are freely available on line.


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Blimey Phil..


Have been looking on Google....I already have one but she wouldn't walk in it lol.


Are these legs short enough??




They come in a range of sizes, this one was bought in a chandlers in Wroxham on the Broads for our (now deceased) JRT but chandlers on the canal system should stock them too. Most important thing is to get the correct size for the weight of dog and make sure it has a handle to help haul them out if they go in.

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Thanks for that. My little dog only weighs 4 kg. that one looks ideal do you still have it by any chance??

In fact your lovely dog looks very like mine.


Sadly no we don't still have it, nor the one we bought since for our slightly larger dog we currently own.



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We have 2

1 x small. Yorkshire terrier

1 x Xsmall toy yorkie


Am in MK

Couple of years ago I was given a life jacket from Slim, for our basset

So I like to do the same so

Free to someone in need




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Hi Hilary


Okay then let us know how you want to get them, do you want the one or the 2 0f them? Have you got 2 dogs?

Does your friend come over to willowbridge marina.

Message me, I will give phone number


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