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Looking for crew Brinklow-Ely

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I am hoping to be on the move with Clypeus from Brinklow to Ely some time in the next two weeks. Due to work/life/etc none of the friends who initially seemed enthusiastic want to come along any longer, so I am looking for crew.

I want to move as quickly as possible, so it will be long days, but help would be welcome for any stage of the journey, especially from people with more experience of handling old working boats than I have (I have basically zero experience: I've steered Clypeus once, from Alvecote to Brinklow, and I had a very experienced helper for half the trip). I am very keen to learn and can pay with beer and excellent vegetarian cooking. I'm especially keen to learn how to singlehand safely.


I have space to sleep a few people. Only caveat is that there will be two cats and a dog onboard.

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Normally this is the sort of trip I'd love to help with, and as I've spent much of the last few months as volunteer crew for the Narrow Boat Trust I like to think I've learned a thing or two about handling old working boats, but at the moment I'm committed, in particular I'm out with the NBT again from Friday for a week, and for a few days at the end of the month.


I hope one or more others can turn out to help you, even if just for the odd day to do all those locks down the Northampton Arm, but if you do have to postpone the trip into October I might be free then.


Probably you're looking at six ten hour days at this time of year, or you might do the trip in five days if you start at the crack of dawn and keep going. But there's always the possibility of an unexpected delay, e.g. if the Nene gets too high.

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Hello pipistrelle, I am still 'rooted' on the lovely River Nene, and would be free to help you with our infamous Northampton Arm, depending on your schedule as I am free during the day up until 6pm when I have to go to work. My fee will be lots of cups of tea and plenty of yummy cake.

You can contact me at : treepoet @Hotmail.co.uk


brightest blessings

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Sorry I can't help, but I will wave when you get to Ely.


You might want to make early contact with Paul the lockkeeper at Salters Lode, as getting a 70 foot boat through there can be a bit tricky at certain times in the tidal cycle.


(PS have you subscribed to the strong stream alerts on the Nene?).

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