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Gasket for diesel tank

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An ordinary flexoid or Walkers gasket 'paper' as suggested on the 'JP2 gasket thread' would be suitable. If is semi permanent then coat it with Heldite as insurance. Seal the bolt threads with heldite.

However, 2 in wide by 5ft long is one hell of a gasket!



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In case it helps, this is what it looks like:



This is the whole tank:




It wasn't until last year when we filled the tanks above floor level for the first time that we discovered it wasn't properly sealed...

Blimey, you've got wrestlers arms Chertsey. blink.png

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I have sheet of 2mm walkers oil proof gasketing what will do that nicely. Measure up and I will cut you a square (two if you are doing both tanks) to suit.

Youll need to be fairly quick as we will be off boating from Tuesday until end Oct.


PM the desired size.



Heldite can be had in tubes or a can with a brush in the lid.



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If using nitrile/viton sheet make very sure that it's actually the good stuff. We bought some advertised as such and within a year it had been eaten away by diesel and started leaking. Looked like this when removed:




The sheet underneath is what we replaced it with, a cork/nitrile mix. That's holding up nicely.



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Done one of our GU tanks, used cork for the gasket, used new boats/washers with gas ptfe tape wrapped around thread and washer. Been fine now for 4 years or so. Sadly both now need removing as both have got pin holes around the bottom.




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Cork it is then.......with Heldite and Pte . I can get that from our shop, thanks for all other offers but logistically it is almost perfect. I now need to find a suitably sized punch!

A bit of tube the right size with one end ground sharp will make a good hole punch.

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